The Show Must Go On: Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, and Chris Brown Replace Nicki Minaj in Saudi Arabia

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Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Future and Tyga have been added to the lineup for the Jeddah World Fest, the concert in Saudi Arabia that Nicki Minaj pulled out of because of human rights concerns.

According to reports, The Human Rights Foundation and other organizations have asked artists not to perform in Saudi Arabia, where gender segregation between single men and women is enforced in many restaurants, coffee shops, public schools and universities. Other rules have loosened in the kingdom with women now allowed to drive and attend events at sports stadiums.

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Sneak Peek Alert. ‘Power’ Season 6 Trailer

Last month, Fif announced that the upcoming sixth season will not be the last.

“I changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6,” he wrote. “This s— is [too] good. Click Here if you missed that.

Starz has the “Power” season 6 trailer. On Saturday, the Lionsgate-owned premium-cable channel released the trailer for “Power’s” sixth.

“Power” Season 6 picks up with James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) seeking vengeance, per Starz’s description. His former drug partner and brother in arms must pay for the ultimate betrayal. Rocked to his core by the perfidiousness and cruelties of those he once called his family, Ghost devotes himself to one notion: Success is the best revenge, with all intentions of getting both. Ghost aims to get even with Tommy (Joseph Sikora), get the Queens Child Project built to consecrate Raina’s legacy, and finally achieve a thriving legitimate lifestyle with no criminal strings attached. Ghost’s need to wrest satisfaction and happiness from this world by any means necessary — is the most dangerous he’s ever faced. As the Feds grow closer to convicting him, Ghost must remain vigilant toward those wanting to take him down for his past criminal enterprises.

Watch the trailer above.

Got Rich And Still Petty AF. 50 Cent Responds To Fan Asks Him Why Marquise Jackson Wasn’t Backstage During His Performance

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Fif’s estranged son Marquise Jackson live streams his father set from the Masters of Ceremony concert at Barclays Center last night…

Well damn….

The music mogul responds to a fan who asks him why his oldest son Marquise wasn’t backstage during his performance.

50 Cent Announces ‘Power’ Will Not End After Season 6: ‘I Changed My Mind’

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Back in May, Fif bid an emotional farewell to the series.

“The last 5 seasons of Power have been an incredible ride for me and all of our supportive fans. We are far from over and I am excited to bring you more from the Power brand,” he said in a statement. “I am proud that I was able to put a lasting stamp on this chapter with my directorial debut in an episode that features one of the wildest scenes ever on the show.”

Click Here if you missed that.

Change of plans…

 Fif confirmed his hit crime drama Power was coming to an end, the rapper “changed his mind” and announced that the upcoming sixth season will not be the last.

50 Cent, who stars in and executive produces the show, announced the news on Instagram Tuesday.

“I changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6,” he wrote. “This s— is [too] good.”

Well Damn. Young Buck Releases 50 Cent ‘Foofy Freestyle’ Diss

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Back in May, Fif claimed Young Buck owes him $300,000, which will get him released from his G-Unit contract. In fact, the Power creator started a GoFundMe account to help raise enough money for Buck to pay him. “Help Young Buck get away from Fofty,” 50 captioned a screenshot of the page on IG. “Just make a donation and set your favorite rapper free. Fofty wants his fucking money.” Click Here if you missed that.

This week A fan of Fif has run up on Buck, demanding that he pay 50 the money he allegedly owes.

Upon seeing the clip of the fan pulling up on Buck while he’s shopping (in what looks like a Whole Foods, we might add), 50 reposted the video. “Need to hurry up with that money now,” he tweeted. “It’s the middle of the week I like mine on Monday.”

Fast Forward…

Buck takes aim at his former G-Unit affiliate with his “Foofy Freestyle.”

Over the instrumental for Drake’s Pusha-T diss “Duppy Freestyle,” Buck rips the “Power” producer for his social media antics. “Come on Foofy / This Instagram shit done got goofy,” he raps. “Let’s focus on them 2 million dollars / That ni**a robbed me.”

He also takes aim at 50’s fatherhood (“You know what I learned? How not to be a father”) and says he saved 50 from blows with Floyd Mayweather. Plus, he claims to have written songs for 50 including 2015’s “Too Rich for the Bitch.” “I wrote ‘Too Rich’ for you and this the thanks I get / You taught that young boy to snitch, ni**a / You think you slick,” he raps.

Listen below

50 Cent Reportedly Demands Thousands More From ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Teairra Mari

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It’s NOT over!

50 Cent is back at it with his nasty battle with “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star Teairra Mari asking a judge to order that she pay him another $5,000.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the rapper is accusing Mari of failing to turn over certain bank account numbers and driver’s license information. He explains he needs the information to continue his hunt to collect on the $30,000 she already owes him.

The rapper says Mari failed to provide the answers by the deadline. As a result, he wants the judge to sanction her to the tune of $4,842.50.

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