Blind Item. Staging Another Life Event

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[Blind Gossip] This reality star did not think she was going to get picked up for another season of her reality show, so she decided to add some drama… by getting pregnant!

Only… she’s not actually pregnant.

There might be a baby somewhere, but it sure wasn’t in her uterus a few weeks ago!

Wasn’t this same reality star also involved in a fake engagement or a fake marriage at some point? Guess we really shouldn’t be too surprised if this pregnancy turns out to be fake as well. Her repeated staging of life events is disturbing, though. We don’t know what’s twirling around in that girl’s head!

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[Optional] Is she really pregnant? Is she really married?


Blind Item: Legend Is Still Alive

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Picture doesn’t represent blind item…

[Blind Gossip] This music producer may have quieted down in his public revelation of long-held “secrets”… but he isn’t shutting up in private!

Here is one more wild claim that he is making!

He says that [male legend] is actually still alive and that he faked his own passing so that he could live a private life. He says he has been in contact with him, that he’s ready to make a comeback, and that he’s going to produce his album.

Blind Item… Top NBA Baller Is Having An Affair

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Who is the athlete in the blind item outchea thotting and bopping with a instaTHOT on the hush, hush? Hmm….

According to reports, [Media Take Out] We just got word that one of the NBA’s hottest players – is caught up in cheating drama.

The lite-skinned baller, who has the reputation of being a good family man – is about to get exposed by a Mexican insta-thottie who claims he was cheating on his wife with her.

The thottie approached several media news networks trying to sell her story – along with pics of her and the baller apparently on vacation together.

When the news drops . . . It’s gonna be big.

We don’t know why these high profile players think that they won’t ever get caught. There are thotties out here seeking out opportunities like these for the sole purpose of outing them and making a name for themselves or just to get paid.

#IssaMess Blind Item Spills The Tea More Women Are About To Come Forward To Accuse Jay-Z of Sexual Assault.

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Last week, Jay-Z gave an interview where he admits cheating on his wife Beyonce.

From Crazy Days and Nights

Blind Items Revealed

November 30, 2017

This permanent A list rapper knows there are multiple women who are about to expose him for the hundreds of times he has cheated on his wife, so is hoping his admission of a few women will cover for the hundreds. Nice try.

Jay Z/Beyonce

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