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‘Donkey Of The Day’ Gucci, Prada for trying to use Blackface as a fashion trend

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Over the weekend Gucci was forced to apologize after releasing a new sweater that looks like blackface.

Apology not accepted as celebrity activists call for a boycott…

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On Monday, February 11th Gucci, Prada and more are today’s Donkeys of the Day for trying to use Blackface as a fashion trend. T.I. has called for a boycott of these brands until they show respect.


‘Donkey Of The Day’ Michelle Rodriguez Defends Liam Neeson: ‘You Can’t Call Him A Racist, Ever’

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Today, The Breakfast Club gives the ‘Donkey Of The Day’ to actress Michelle Rodriguez.

Rodriguez threw her public support behind Neeson, who has been criticized for an interview published Monday in which he said he once sought revenge for a loved one’s rape by searching for a black person to kill.

“It’s all (expletive). Liam Neeson is not a racist,” Rodriguez told Vanity Fair at the amfAR Gala New York on Wednesday night. “Dude, have you watched ‘Widows‘? His tongue was so far down Viola Davis’ throat. You can’t call him a racist, ever.”

She continued: “Racists don’t make out with the race that they hate, especially in the way he does with his tongue – so deep down her throat. I don’t care how good of an actor you are. It’s all (expletive). Ignore it. He’s a loving man,”

‘Donkey Of The Day’ Demi Lovato Deactivates Twitter After Clowning 21 Savage Arrest

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Donkey of The Day For Monday February 4th goes to Demi Lovato .

The pop singer is currently facing some major backlash and heat from the Hip-Hop community as she took to twitter last night during the Super Bowl to share her thoughts on all the memes that have been going around following the news that rapper 21 Savage was detained by ice after apparently not being a legal US citizen. Tweeting. ”

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Killer Mike On Interracial Marriage, Public Vs Private Education + New Show On ‘The Breakfast Club’

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Killer Mike pulled up to The Breakfast Club this morning, to chop it up about why black people don’t support each other, private schools vs public schools, + more! One thing that Mike emphasized during his Interview was “re-investing in our community”, meaning that you should be helping to re-vitalize your community even after you have already left. Envy chimed in to add about how he has gotten into real estate and while he does love his cars, jewelry etc, what he has been trying to do is teach other the keys to buying/selling so they can succeed.

Killer Mike went on to speak about how his parents told him not to bring a white girl home but not because they didn’t like white people, but because it was to keep their culture intact.

The conversation then shifted to the conversation of going to public school vs going to Private schools and what would be better for your children. Mike and DJ Envy really got into this conversation as it they argued about whether getting a private school education is better for their children.