Angela Rye Discusses The Omarosa Tape, Security In The White House + More On The Breakfast Club

Image result for Angela Rye Discusses The Omarosa Tape, Security In The White House + More Political pundit Angela Rye returns to The Breakfast Club studio to weigh in on current events, the latest with the Trump administration and more.

– Security clearance in The White House

– The Omarosa tape

– “All your skin folk ain’t your kinfolk”

– Omarosa paid $180K without senior level access

– Bigots shaping policy in the White House

– Obama’s White House vs Trump’s White House

– This is the least diverse White House in decades

– How far are we from impeachment

– Obstruction of justice

– When is Donald Trump going to sit down with Robert Mueller for an interview

– Russians being indicted for interfering with the election

Watch the interview below:


Issa Rae Defends Lebron James Social Media Post About Women Of Color Serving #BlackGirlMagic On Various Covers And More On Hot 97

Image result for Issa Rae

Issa Rae visited to Ebro in the Morning days before season 3 of Insecure sets to debut on HBO.

During a previous discussion she revealed that Lawrence will not return for the new season of the show. She reveals that people have threatened to stop watching the show altogether due to her decision.

At the 7:16 mark, She also spoke about the amount of black women spotlighted on various September magazine covers this year. “It’s beautiful, she said. “We’re strongarming this time.”

Rae, who found her first success with the popular YouTube series Awkward Black Girl also spoke about working with her friends and networking got her where she is today. Many of them have appeared in Insecure, and she even got a chance for her closest friends to be involved in a Cover Girl ad.

Other topics touched during the interview include having sex on camera, the time her mom refused to watch the show, meeting the Obama’s and much more.

Insecure season 3 premieres Sunday, August 12, at 10:30PM EST.


Ray J Reacts To Moniece Throwing Chair At Princess Love, His Daughter Melody Love First Interview, His Hat, And More On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Ray J drops by The Breakfast Club studio for a life update and much more.

  • – Moving his hat so much
  • – Safaree situation  At the 3:33 mark
  • – Moniece throwing chair and Princess Love  At the 6:07 mark
  • – Booty Goons At the 6:28 mark
  • – Fatherhood
  • – Baby says ‘I Love You’ at 1 month At the 7:36 mark
  • – Raycon Electronics   Around the 9:00 mark
  • – Who’s the star of Love and Hip Hop
  • – Safaree’s penis pics  Around the 13:04 mark
  • – “Drilling Safaree”
  • – Drinking breastmilk  At the 14:27 mark
  • – Relationship between Princess, Brandy and Mrs. Norwood At the 15:12 mark
  • – Marriage after the baby At the 16:38 mark
  • – Do you want another kid  At the 17:47 mark
  • – Eat the box Around the 20:18 mark
  • – Just started having sex 60 day ago
  • – Ray J has calm down since becoming father
  • – Melody first interview At the 22:55 mark
  • – Best of album
  • – Yung Berg
  • – What’s next
  • – Love and Hip Hop New York 32:47 mark

Tekashi 6ix9ine Claps Back At YG Over Breakfast Club Interview: ‘Suck My F*ckin’ Dick’

gif (19).gif

Yesterday, rapper YG did an interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’

“I need to go to rehab,” YG joked when asked about the therapy talk at the center of “Deeper Than Rap,” a cut off Stay Dangerous. “I drink a lot of tequila.”

When Angela Yee said she felt bad about offering him more tequila during the interview, YG explained how the show might better cater to artists. “Y’all should do this show at night time.”Y’all could drop this shit in the morning!” “I ain’t come to Breakfast Club to talk about this n***a, but yeah it is in ‘Suu Whoop,'” he said. “I said it and, yeah, that’s how I feel, yeah. So what? Yeah, that little n***a was playing with too much of the real shit so I had to say something. It is what it is.”

Click Here if you missed the interview.

Fast Forward..

“I don’t know how more disrespectful can I get. YG, suck my fuckin’ dick, stupid,” 6ix9ine says in the video. “Your last single [‘Big Bank’] before your album came out had four major artists on it. You had 2 Chainz, you had Big Sean, and you had Nicki Minaj. Yo, bro. You supposed to be blowing me out of the water. How’s my record doing better than your shit? You a whole bum out here. Stop going on radio stations tryin’ to promote your album mentioning my name…. You a big-ass dummy.”

Watch below



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