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Soulja Boy Says He Loves Travis Scott: ‘He Took Tyga Bitch’

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A few days ago, The rapper had some words for Tyga, Kanye West, Drake and Travis Scott during his interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’.

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TMZ caught up with the rapper on Thursday in NYC.

When asked whether Travis was making a mistake by performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, Soulja Boy responded: “He’s not making a mistake. I love Travis Scott. He took Tyga bitch. I love that ni**a.”

The cameraman asked if he would settle his beefs, including one with Famous Dex, with a boxing match. “Nobody gon’ put their hands on Big Drako,” quipped Soulja. “I’m a hip-hop icon, the legend. Nobody gon’ touch me, but at the end of the day, you gon’ respect me and I’ma tell you my story.”


Lil Rel Howery Talks ‘Birdbox’ Success, Katt Williams, Stand-Up + More On ‘The Breakfast Club’

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Lil Rel stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and immediately has a PSA for everyone to stop doing the #BirdBoxChallenge. This comes off the heels of a teenager who blindfolded herself and crashed her car in an attempt to do the challenge. Starring in the movie he spoke about the first time he got to see it before it blew up on social media saying: “you know whats crazy, even though I did the movie and read the script and read the book, I was still on the edge of my seat like this is going to be good, I felt the same way after I saw “Get Out” for the first time”.

He also is keeping himself busy with his sitcom “REL” which airs on Fox. Speaking about the first season of the show he explained that it is loosely based off real events in his life and his hoping to get a season 2. 

During the Interview he also spoke on the ongoing controversy surrounding R. Kelly, Soulja Boy Kat Williams going in on him a few months ago + more! 

‘Donkey Of The Day’ Famous Dex And Soulja Boy Trade Threats On Instagram Live

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Today on ‘The Breakfast Club’ Famous Dex made ‘Donkey Of The Day’.

Here’s a brief recap.

On Wednesday night, Soulja Boy—fresh off assessing, among other things, Kanye West’s Trump era on The Breakfast Club—quite vehemently called out Famous Dex for a multitude of reasons during an Instagram Live session. “And Famous Sex, you better watch your fucking mouth too, n***a,” he said. “The fuck is wrong with you?”

According to Soulja, Dex originally came to LA and had a meeting at his house during which SOD Money Gang moves were discussed. “And after you left you went and signed with Rich the Kid, na,” Soulja said. “Famous Dex, stop playing with me, na. Na, you fake, na. You ain’t no real n***a. You a bitch.”

Soulja then proceeded to call Dex a “junkie” multiple times. “I put you on, you ungrateful ass little crackhead,” he said. “Fuck is wrong with you, na? You a fuckin’ junkie, na. When you left my house, you left, like, a 100 x pills on the ground. You a fuckin’ junkie, foamin’ out the side of your mouth.”

Following a solo response from Dex, the two then upgraded the argument to a livestreamed back-and-forth during which they both screamed into the camera.

Watch below.

UPDATE. Numbers Don’t Lie. Tyga Posts Streaming Stats In Response To Soulja Boy: ‘Who had the biggest comeback?! 😭😭😭😭’

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It looks like Tyga has the last laugh after all…

Yesterday, Soulja Boy went ham on Tyga during his first interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 105.

After sitting down with hosts and hyping himself up, claiming he’s “the reason why all these artists have social media,” the conversation turned to Tyga having the biggest comeback of 2018, which seemingly didn’t sit well with Soulja Boy.

” Yo, Charlamagne, Tyga had a record. This n*** sitting here talking about Tyga. The n*** that lost his bitch to Travis Scott. The n*** that Travis Scott nutted in the bitch and got her pregnant. Him? He’s had the biggest comeback…”

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Tyga responds #onthegram.

Soulja Boy responds…

Soulja Boy Drags Tyga, Drake, Kanye West And Reclaims The Best Comeback Of 2018 On ‘The Breakfast Club’

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Cliff notes.

This is Soulja Boy’s first time on ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 105 ever!

At the beginning, Soulja Boy talks about Katt Stacks incident when she exposed him on social media claim the rapper allegedly did cocaine and had more foolery. Click Here if you missed that. Soulja Boy says he never did cocaine in his life.

At the 2:10 mark, Soulja Boy addresses his network he’s worth $30 million.

At the 2:30 mark, Soulja Boy talk about how he had a bigger comeback than Tyga in 2018. “When I say comeback I’m NOT meaning like “Oh, I feel off and I had to get back on. I’m not saying I had the biggest comeback. I’m saying 2016, 2017 I got into all that problems with the Migos, Chris Brown . and Shia LaBeouf and this and that person and I was presented in such a way where people counted me out…. I started this internet. I started the wave. I’m the real reason the new artist are getting signed. I’m the reason why there’s a Lil’ Pump. I discovered Chief Keef….”

Soulja Boy drags Tyga at the 9:00 minute mark.

Charlamagne says Soulja Boy didn’t have the biggest comeback in 2018. “You have to come out with a massive hit because you are a musical artist.”

” Yo, Charlamagne, Tyga had a record. This n*** sitting here talking about Tyga. The n*** that lost his bitch to Travis Scott. The n*** that Travis Scott nutted in the bitch and got her pregnant. Him? He’s had the biggest comeback…”

Soulja Boy claims he loves Tyga.

At the 10:01 mark, Soulja Boy says he has no issues with Chris Brown and the Migos.

At the 10:22 mark , Soulja Boy explains his past issues with the Migos and Chris Brown.

At the 20:20 mark, Soulja Boy talks about his gaming consoles, Nintendo’s threats against his company.

On Kanye West:

Kanye’s previous claims of being akin to Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. “Why you ain’t come out with shit then? I came out with a whole video game console, bruh. I’m the first rapper to do that in history, bruh. You ain’t Walt Disney. You ain’t none of that, bruh.”

Soulja added, has simply been kissing “them folks’ ass” to get to where he’s at now. And as for Kanye’s recent habits of embracing Trump and tweeting about Drake, Soulja—like many younger artists and fans—is angry and perplexed. “We looking at you like you goofy, bruh,” he said. “You up here supporting Trump and shit, bruh. You supporting Trump, bruh? What the fuck wrong with you?” Kanye’s Adidas collabs and Yeezy clothes, by Soulja’s assessment, are “ugly.” (39:00 mark)

On Drake:

At the 49:00 mark, Soulja feels Drake stole his bars.

Following a discussion about Meek Mill—mocked Drake in connection with the Pusha-T back-and-forth. Stop playing me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know,” Soulja said. He then let loose a few lines from Drake’s Weezy-featuring Thank Me Later single “Miss Me,” which does indeed include some Soulja paraphrasing.


Kevin Hart On The Oscars Situation, ‘The Upside’ Film, R. Kelly + More On ‘The Breakfast Club’

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Kevin Hart dropped by The Breakfast Club studio to explain again his decision to not host The Oscars, his new film ‘The Upside’, playing dynamic roles in life and on screen + much more.

– Releasing new film “The Upside” 

– People keep asking him about The Oscars 

– What is the greatest lesson you learned from this?

– What happened to the world, why can’t people make mistakes?

– Kevin’s role in the film as a caretaker 

– Playing a dramatic role

– People misunderstanding Kevin

– The culture is shifting

– Harvey Weinstein

– What is the proper way to handle all comments and old tweets?

R. Kelly

– Cowboys and Indians theme party

– Cell phone policy at his shows

– Do you think Black Celebrities get treated differently?

Tiffany Haddish

– Michael Blackson

Appearance on Ellen

Don Lemon

– ‘You can’t fake being a good person’

Watch the full interview below: