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Jacquees on King of R&B Title, Chris Brown, New Music And More On Big Boy TV

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The King of R&B releases his newest single “Your Peace” featuring Lil Baby.

Jacquees pulls up on the Big Boy TV to discuss the following topics. His friendship with TK Kravitz, King Of R&B conversation, various hits, upcoming Chris Brown collaboration, remixing other artist’s songs, forthcoming album Round Two, Young Thug, and more.

Offset Talks Keeping Kulture Out The Public Eye, Almost Losing Cardi B

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This morning Offset visits ‘The Breakfast Club‘ to discuss his new album, personal life, his wife Cardi B, and his baby girl Kulture.

Most people may not realize is that Offset has four children (his oldest being 9 years old.), he decided to name the album what it is so his other children could get some time. Adding on that he had a rough year in 2018 because of the rumors, amongst other issues he had very publicly with his wife Cardi B. While some people clowned the Atlanta rapper for the cover he explained that a lot went into it, especially because they were three separate shoots. Offset explains how he was trying to hold in the frustration at the shoots especially with baby Kulture because she is the most fidgety out of all them and always hungry. Being as famous as he is Offset still wants his children to be able to have a normal life saying “I want my kids to be kids, i don’t like them having Instagram, I don’t want to move to LA, so there won’t be cameras in their face. one time my kid told another, “my dad has more money than yours” I had to beat them. I keep my kids in public school, I don’t want my kid to be spoiled”.

On his and Cardi’s decision to keep baby Kulture out of the public eye for so long he had to say “People got so much to say. We still won’t be posting all the time, you have to keep some things private. It’s scary because people be tripping”, also adding on that he and Cardi didn’t hire any nannies to take care of the baby, only their mothers look over Kulture.

Watch the full interview below.

Offset sat down with Ebro in the Morning to have a real honest conversation about maturing in the business, what went down with Cardi B, why he decided to stop using lean, his beef with Chris Brown (26:00 mark), fights with his groupmates as well as the support each member give each other throughout their solo album endeavors.

Remy Ma Defends Chris Brown Over Paris Rape Allegations On REVOLT’s ‘State Of The Culture’

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Last month it was reported, Police are having major credibility issues with Chris Brown’s rape accuser.

Chris Brown’s 24-year-old accuser, who claims he violently raped her in a hotel dressing room in mid-January for about 25-30 minutes, has some major holes in her story.

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In a recent episode of REVOLT’s State Of The Culture, Remy Ma explained why she didn’t believe the allegations against him.

“These females that are coming out lyin’. There has to be some — there are no repercussions. ‘Ok, he’s going to sue her.’ The bitch is broke, it’s not even going to effect nobody,” she said before detailing the amount of money Brown would have to spend to prove his innocence if he was charged with rape. She went on to defend Breezy’s “This Bitch Lyin'” shirt, saying, “I feel like the only thing that he can do that probably would really affect her and make her feel some type of way is to put on the shirt, ‘This Bitch Is Lyin’. Matter of fact, send me a shirt.”

Chris Brown reposted the interview to his Instagram and wrote, “remyma ❤️ THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING IN MY CORNER AND BEING MY BIG SIS!!! ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.

‘The Talk’ Co-Host Eve Issues An Apology For Her Harsh Remarks Regarding Chris Brown

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On Tuesday’s episode of “The Talk” when discussing Chris Brown’s recent arrest for alleged aggravated rape and narcotics offenses in Paris, France.

“This is such a shame. It’s really a shame,” Eve said to her co-hosts and audience. “Obviously, we know he’s had troubles in the past. It’s like, when are you gonna stop and grow up and allow the talent to shine through and fix your brain? This is ridiculous!”

While Eve said she’d “like to hope that these allegations aren’t true,” she also made sure to note that “times have changed.”

“If you guys don’t know that yet — whether in America or overseas — get your act together,” she said. “You can’t be treating women how you want to treat them in any kind of way just because you think you’re a superstar. It’s just not the way to be.”

Eve went on to say the whole situation makes her “sad because Chris Brown is actually a really talented person,” adding, “I just really hope he gets some help.”

“It’s horrible. It’s hard. It’s a hard thing,” she concluded.

Fast Forward…

Eve took to Instagram to apologize. She told followers in a video,

“At first I didn’t think what I said was harsh, but then I looked back it and I realized it was kind of harsh. I’m passionate about the climate that we are in … with women and all these allegations coming out. My passion wasn’t geared towards Chris Brown and these specific allegations. Like I said before I didn’t know if those allegations were true or false and they are not true and he has been released and in that way, I am rooting for him.”

Double Stories. Chris Brown’s Baby Mama’s LA Home Burglarized/ Police Are Having Major Credibility Issues With Chris Brown’s Rape Accuser

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While Chris Brown is dealing with legal drama in Paris, his daughter’s mother Nia Guzman is dealing with her own drama back in Los Angeles.

The day after Brown was arrested for suspicion of rape, Guzman’s apartment was burglarized, according to TMZ.

Thieves made off with shoes and designer bags that belong to Guzman, 35, her eldest daughter and her 4-year-old daughter, Royalty, whom she shares with Brown.

It’s not yet known if anything else of value was taken from the home.

However, Guzman wasn’t far from home during the burglary. She happened to be next door visiting her mother.

In similar news, Police are having major credibility issues with Chris Brown’s rape accuser.

According to a new report by TMZ, Chris Brown’s 24-year-old accuser, who claims he violently raped her in a hotel dressing room in mid-January for about 25-30 minutes, has some major holes in her story. 

We’re told she told cops that Chris raped her in his hotel suite dressing room for somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes. She says she then went into another room and was raped again, this time by one of Brown’s friends. And then, she said she was “abused” for a third time in another room. We’re told police believe the story doesn’t hold water because she never attempted to leave or alert anyone of the 20 or so people who were in the living room.