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Mo’Nique Compares Steve Harvey to a Scared Slave

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This week comedian Mo’Nique sat down with Steve Harvey to discuss her being blackballed in Hollywood after refusing to promote the movie ‘Precious’ in the lead up to her 2010 Oscar win without additional compensation after only receiving $50,000 for her role in the box office blockbuster. Click Here if you missed that.

Mo’Nique compares Steve’s argument to one of a scared slave…


The D.L. Hughley Show Is Coming To Late Night On TV One , Wants Terry Crews As His First Guest

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Last month, Terry Crews and D.L. Hughley’s feud went viral over the comedian mocking the actor being sexually assaulted.

Now it appears Hughley is trying to make amends. He wants Crews to be the first guest on his upcoming late-night talk show on TV One.

Fast Forward…

According to reports, Hughley came to TCA on Wednesday to talk about The D.L. Hughley Show, launching in March.

Asked who he would like to be his first guest, he did not hesitate: “First person I’d like to talk to: Terry Crews.”

“He’s very big guy and I grew up a small guy. If you let someone do things to you, they keep doing it,” he said.

“I felt it was disingenuous of all those people from the #MeToo movement. Would they do that if he was beaten by police?”

Hughley said it bothers him that the movement got upset when Crews was “groped” but he did not see the same public outrage “when I see a young…girl get slammed down by police.”

He thought a conversation with Crews would be an interesting one to kick off his new series, which will be an extension of his radio show and air nightly in late-night.

‘The D.L. Hughley Show’ will be on TV One in March.

Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE. Mo’Nique Sits Down with Steve Harvey On ‘Steve TV’

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Last week there were rumors that Mo’Nique threatened to hit Steve Harvey in the face after a heated interview on the Steve Harvey Show.

Click Here you missed that.

During the interview , Mo’Nique expresses how hurt she was when she felt like her “brother” in comedy turned his back on her, along with Winfrey, Perry and Daniels. She said that all of those people, Harvey included, had told her privately that she didn’t do anything wrong, but publicly, wouldn’t stand up for her.

“This is my brother, and when I heard you go on the air and you said ‘My sister done burned too many bridges and there’s nothing I can do for her now.’ Steve, do you know how hurt I was?”

But throughout their conversation, Harvey stands on the side of, while there was nothing wrong with Mo’Nique speaking out, the way she went about it, including by getting on stage during a comedy show and saying Winfrey, Perry and Daniels could suck the d–k she doesn’t have, was all wrong.

“But see now Mo, let me give you this, because you and I had this conversation,” he said. “These people owe you an apology. You owe those people an apology. Then we could move forward.”

After a brutally honest conversation, Mo’Nique and Steve worked out their differences the way only two friends could!

In the second clip, Steve says, “Here is what you to understand about this whole thing. As, we are trying to come through this. Because, what I want really for you to come through. Because, I know who you really are. And so, what I want you do is come though this with a different way. Because, Mo’Nique you’re my girl! I love you like a sister. I hate what’s happening to you. I hate what they’re saying is not true! I want them to know that you are caring, that you’re a great mother, and that you’re are incredible talent.

Steve continues,“I don’t like the fact that you’ve been blackballed. You can be un-blackballed. You too talented to worry about this where the next one coming from. I want this to end for you. I want this to end for you Mo’Nique. Because, I love you!” 

“Because, these people are doing it the wrong way and you better than that. I probably should of call you as soon as, but I didn’t. I got a lot of stuff going on. When I did call you., I’ve listened to you. But, I begin telling you at the very beginning. I think you going about this the very wrong way. Now we keep saying stuff on the Internet. that just keeps making it worst. Hollywood know you’re talented.”

Steve raises his voice… “The fact that we keep arguing like this.”

Mo interjects, “We’re not arguing.”

Steve says, ” Okay, we’re discussing. “

Mo continues, “You and your sister were having a conversation and Mommy and Daddy ain’t here right now. And, I’m getting ready to punch you in your mouth. That’s the conversation bam, bam.”

Mo says, “I’ve have to understand how to agree to disagree without being upset…”

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