It’s A Wrap! Jennifer Hudson And David Otunga Reach Parenting Agreement in Cook County Case

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Singer/Actress J HUD  and her ex-fiance, David Otunga finally reached an agreement Tuesday in Cook County court to end their year-and-a-half legal battle over child support and parenting time for their 9-year-old son.

The messy legal battle began in November 2017.

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According to reports, Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga, signed paperwork after seven hours of closed-door negotiations Tuesday at the downtown Daley Center. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, and Hudson attorney Anita Ventrelli and Otunga attorney Tracy Rizzo declined to comment.

Judge Karen Bowes met with Hudson and Otunga, without their attorneys, for more than half-an-hour Tuesday. Much of this case has been negotiated behind closed doors, and a gag order signed by Bowes in 2017 prohibited the former couple and their attorneys from speaking to the media about the case.

Hudson and Otunga, who both found fame as reality TV contestants, got engaged in 2008 and welcomed their son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., in August 2009. They split in 2017. Their court battle began in November 2017.

The two would occasionally attend the Daley Center hearings for their case. They rarely made eye contact or sat in the same room. While their attorneys privately spoke to Bowes, Otunga would wait on a courtroom bench, while Hudson retreated to a conference room with her entourage.

Press Play. ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Star Apryl Jones Reportedly Clarifies Lil’ Fizz Rumors

It was previously reported, Moniece talked the relationship between Apryl Jones and Moniece’s baby-father Lil Fizz in a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

Apryl Jones set the record straight about her relationship with costar Lil’ Fizz in a preview clip of the show. She denied that they’re dating but admitted that they’ve “talked about how they feel about one another.”

“When I talk about me and Dreux [Lil’ Fizz] it’s a very sensitive subject because we both are kinda f*ed up from our relationships. I think me and him are both smart enough to know that if it was something that we decided to do — we’ve talked about how we feel about one another — that we would be smart in how we maneuver. You know, therapy and st like that,” she said.

She continued, “You can’t just hop up in no relationship like that. No thanks. But I’m not opposed to f***ing him, is that what you want me to say? B***h needs some d**k and I’d rather give it to a person that’s my friend as opposed to someone who’s just a guy that I’m knowing. He’s deserving of the p***y let’s just be really honest.”

Apryl went on to deny that the two had ever had sex but confessed that she’d be open to it in the future.
“Dreux is definitely deserving of the p***y. If I decide to give it to him one day I would be proud of that, because I have given guys my vagina that don’t deserve it. He deserves it … I deserve it,” she added.

Tell’ Em. Steph Curry Reportedly Responds to the Criticism Ayesha Curry Has Been Getting Over Milly Rock Video

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This week Ayesha Curry has been targeted by internet trolls over dance moves she performed for her NBA husband Steph Curry, as seen in a social media video.

On Tuesday, New York radio station HOT97 shared a video of Ayesha playfully performing the “Milly Rock” dance, a viral move created by hip-hop artists 2 Milly in 2014. The radio station asked its followers if “#AyeshaCurry [killed] her Milly Rock?”

Steph Curry took to instagram to defend his wife Ayesha Curry. “Slow news day today, huh? Just make sure y’all send me the video of y’all dancing at your own restaurant opening.”

Steph even hits his own Milly Rock for the naysayers.

UPDATE. Dwight Howard Addresses His Sexuality and Speaks Out Against ‘Hurtful’ Lawsuit/Masin Elijé Claps Back

This week Dwight Howard went on FS1’s “Fair Game” with Kristine Leahy this week to talk about the allegations that were made against him. In the new interview, Howard denied that he was gay and said the entire process made him “never want to come outside again.”

Howard also referenced the lawsuit filed by Masin Elije, who claimed he had a sexual relationship with Howard.

“It upset me because I didn’t even know who the person was. Why would somebody who I’ve never met, never had any contact with make up a whole story about me?”

Masin Elije responds….

·3hReplying to @the1janitorThank you so much for this word! A lot of people don’t understand that it’s a every day fear for some people in this world, some folks are living in a bubble and don’t understand the seriousness of situations until it happens to them or their loved ones.

Masin also re-Tweeted followers calling Dwight a liar.

Shannon Brown Downplays Divorce from Monica

It was previously reported, R&B singer Monica filed for divorce from her husband Shannon Brown after 8 years of marriage.

During a recent interview with Sister Circle, Shannon downplayed any divorce trauma. In the video Shannon says,”I haven’t been going through a lot of nothing. I feel like a lot of people take stories that they hear and blow it up for entertainment purposes, but I’ve learned how to ignore the negativity and keep pushing forward…It’s funny because I think a lot of people got the same idea like when they see me they like, “Are you are OK and I’m like I’m fine, what’s wrong?”

Tokyo Toni Quits Blac Chyna’s Reality Show ‘The Real Blac Chyna’

It’s a wrap!

It was previously reported, Blac Chyna and her mom Toyko Toni made amends following a yearlong feud. Click Here if you missed that.

Fast Forward….

Tokyo Toni announced after episode one that she’s already quitting her daughter’s reality show. Tokyo is mad about the clips that showed her verbally attacking her daughter which caused her to lose opportunities outside of the show.

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