Bishop Eddie Long Accusers Penning a Novel

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Last year it was reported, The four young men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion will be writing a book together.

The book, called Foursaken, will focus on their lives after they broke ties with the controversial bishop, and they are reportedly shopping it out to try and find a publisher.

Fast Forward…

Now, 18 months after the controversial pastor’s death from an aggressive form of cancer, the alleged victims’ story will finally be told — with a twist.

According to AJC reports, Spencer LeGrande told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he is collaborating, along with some of Long’s other accusers from a 2010 lawsuit, on a novel.

The roman a clef — “Foursaken” — centers around a scandal involving the charismatic preacher of a thriving megachurch. While technically a work of fiction, LeGrande said there should be no doubt the sordid tale of power and betrayal is one they experienced firsthand. 

“The last man standing is the strongest,” said LeGrande, now 30 and living in Charlotte.

LaGrande, along with former New Birth Missionary Baptist Church members Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg and Jamaal Parris, shared similar accounts about their relationship with Long, who, they alleged, filled a void left by absent or abusive fathers.

An undisclosed financial settlement reached in 2011, after a fifth accuser, Centino Kemp, came forward, prevents them from discussing Long or New Birth.

The 2010 civil lawsuit claimed Long used “monetary funds from the accounts of New Birth and other corporate and non-profit corporate accounts to entice the young men with cars, clothes, jewelry, and electronics.”


50 Cent Weighs In On #MeToo’s Place In Rap, Backlash Over Terry Crews On ‘The View’



Last month,  Fif responded to the backlash after he mocked Terry Crews click Here if you missed that.

On Tuesday, The rapper visits ‘The View’ to promote the new season of his ‘Power’ and more.

50 Cent discusses backlash he received when he made light of Terry Crews’ claim that he had been groped by a Hollywood executive: “I would never make fun of any sexual assault victim… I wasn’t looking at Terry Crews that way… I’m looking at the Hulk.


Charlamagne’s Rep Speaks Out After Charlamagne Admitted To Having Sex With A Woman While She Was ‘Wasted’ On Spanish Fly

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Social media never forgets…

A few days ago it was reported, Charlamagne Tha God’s 2001 rape case will not be reopened.

South Carolina Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson issued a statement on Thursday (July 12), noting that criminal charges against McKelvey were resolved in 2002 pursuant to a plead agreement between him and the state. The state allowed McKelvey to plea guilty to the lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and agreed to dismiss the remaining charges against him.

Fast Forward…

The Root discovered a 2015 podcast in which he admitted he gave the aphrodisiac Spanish Fly to a woman and had sex with her when she wasn’t coherent. “In the exchange, which was recorded on the Brilliant Idiots podcast, McKelvey recounts giving a woman Spanish Fly and having sex with her while she was ‘wasted.’ McKelvey also insists the sex was consensual, though he admits that his partner did not remember the encounter and wasn’t ‘coherent’ at the time.”

McKelvey continues his story, detailing how he went to “the sex store” to get Spanish Fly, which he then put into both of their E&J drinks. Once the girl got drunk, McKelvey says he had sex with her, adding that “a lot of my boys” also tried to come in and have sex with the woman (he says he turned them away).

“Running a train on her, that’s rape,” McKelvey says, laughing.

The next morning, however, McKelvey says the girl had no recollection of their sexual encounter, asking him what happened the night before. When he told her they had sex, McKelvey says the girl told him, “‘Well I’m just glad it was you.’”

“That’s a huge compliment man,” Shultz replied, sarcastically. “A girl says, ‘At least you raped me…

A spokeswoman, speaking on behalf of Charlamagne says the story is taken “out of context”:

Charlamagne and Andrew Schulz were actually discussing rape culture, which was a newer understanding at that time not usually discussed openly. All actions reflected upon during that conversation were consensual. Spanish Fly is not an illegal substance and at no point was it purchased or shared without consent.

She added that since the podcast aired three years ago, “Charlamagne has approached discussing rape culture in a radically different way,” citing a 2017 episode of The Breakfast Club in which he discusses how men are raised in rape culture.

Petition Demands Charlamagne Tha God’s Firing From ‘The Breakfast Club’ After Rape Allegation Resurfaces

Yesterday it was reported, Charlamagne said “… He never had sexual relations or any physical contact with the accuser [Jessica Reid] and even provided DNA to prove it.”

“At the time of these claims, Charlamagne cooperated fully with authorities, and after the investigation, this charge against him was dropped.”

Fast Forward…

The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God (born Lenard Larry McKelvey) is facing pressure over a 17-year-old rape allegation with a new petition demanding his firing from the popular iHeartMedia radio show.

A Care2 petition launched Wednesday (July 11) had more than 1,700 supporters at time of publishing, claiming it was in support of Jessica Reid, who accused McKelvey of rape in 2001. It follows a report by The Blast from Tuesday, where Reid and her mother told the website the now-32-year-old is seeking legal representation and wants to reopen a criminal case against McKelvey.

The petition reads…

Fire Charlamagne Tha God from The Breakfast Club

We demand that iHeart Media fire Charlamagne Tha God from The Breakfast Club. 

In 2001, 15-year-old Jessica Reid accused Charlamagne Tha God of drugging and raping her. He pled guilty to the much lesser charge of having sex with a minor. Now that Jessica is older, she wants her case re-opened. 

Videos have surfaced where Charlamagne denied involvement, but court documents show he did have sexual contact with the victim. He can still be prosecuted, and he should be. We want to send a powerful message to all of the people who like to prey on innocent children that it’s not going to happen on our watch! No matter how much money or influence you have, we will not allow you to hurt our children.

So please help us take a stand and get #Justice4jessica. She needs closure.

To read more click here for more details.

UPDATE: On Thursday (July 12), South Carolina Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson issued a statement saying the dismissed rape charge against McKelvey will not be resurrected and the law presumes him “innocent of the dismissed allegation.”

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