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Put On Blast. Nas Says JAY-Z Was Aware of R. Kelly’s Pedophilia in Resurfaced Interview

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A throwback interview Nas did with Wendy Williams in 2002 has resurfaced in the wake of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly six part docuseries.

In the interview, Nas tells Wendy that he could’ve put out the R. Kelly underage video when he says everyone was making fun of it, and he went on to speak about Jay-Z working with Kelly on their The Best of Both Worlds album. Nas also said, “You can’t tell me that Jay didn’t see a 14-year-old girl come in the studio and sit on R. Kelly’s lap.” Nas ended the video by saying that he was on tour with R. Kelly for a short period and saw “a problem” with him. 


Tidal investigated by Norwegian police over inflated streaming allegations

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Last year it was reported, Tidal responded to Norwegian newspaper after the streaming service was accused of intentionally falsifying streaming numbers for Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” albums and consequently paying inflated royalties to the artists’ labels. Click Here if you missed the story.

Fast Forward…

Norwegian police said on Monday they were investigating allegations that some listening numbers at Tidal Music, owned by Jay-Z, Beyonce and other stars, were artificially inflated.

According to reports, A complaint filed last year by groups working for Norwegian artists and record labels said the alleged fraud had deprived other artists of their fair share of subscription revenues.

Tidal, which began life as Norwegian start-up Wimp, has previously dismissed the allegations and its lawyer Fredrik Berg on Monday denied any wrongdoing.

“Tidal is not under suspicion in this case,” Berg, of the law firm Fend, said, adding the company was in a dialogue with police.

The probe follows an investigation by Norwegian business daily Dagens Naeringsliv (DN) last May that Tidal had manipulated user data, citing internal data from the company it said it had had access to.

“We’ve begun an investigation to confirm or reject the suspicion of manipulation,” said Oekokrim, the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime, in a statement on Monday.

The investigation looked at “whether someone has manipulated the number of times certain songs have been played,” Oekokrim added, but without naming any suspects.

Dame Dash Tells Nick Cannon to “Ask Jay-Z” About Foxy Brown Rumors And More

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This week Nick Cannon shares a clip from his upcoming show, Cannon’s Class, Nick Cannon sat down with Dame Dash, who he asked about rumors that JAY-Z dated Foxy Brown back in the days.

The music mogul responds…

Dame said he didn’t sign Foxy Brown, and added that Nick needed to ask
JAY-Z about the rumors, not him. Nick then clarified that he was asking about rumors that a 16-year-old Foxy was made to look like she was dating
JAY-Z at the start of her career, which Dame said was something Nick needed to ask Jay himself. 

In the second clip, Dame Dash speaks about Kellz’s relationships with Aaliyah.

Dash recalled a conversation he had with Aaliyah where he inquired about her relationship with R. Kelly to which she told him to “leave it alone.”

“I remember having a conversation with Aaliyah and I was like, ‘Yo, tell me what happened.’ And she just couldn’t and I just left it at that. And she said, ‘leave it alone,'” he said. “So, what you think I felt? I’m human, bro. But I had to look the other way. All these years. So publicly, that man did a record — that n***a done raped my girl, that he liked as well, right? You understand what I’m saying? But, no one said nothing.”

Did ya’ll know?

Back in 2013, Foxy Brown shared her side of the story about rumors that have surrounded her relationship with former partner in rhyme Jay Z and the now infamous “Fox’s box” mention on Magna Carta Holy Grail’s“Picasso Baby.”

“Was I shocked when Jay said the line in ‘Picasso Baby’? Yes because we’ve talked about that. We have a history that supersedes music,” Foxy said on RapFix. “I think he began to feel the pressure because people were saying my age, the age thing…15, 14 and after a while that gets to a person. The Jay I know, the Shawn I know never comes out of character. So for that…and that’s my point, that’s where the tears came from earlier because people don’t understand that it does affect people more than you think. That fact that he felt he needed to say that, that means that something struck something. At some point, it was just like, enough.

Click Here if you missed that.

Major Side Eye. JAY-Z, Lady Gaga, Dave Chappelle, More Turned Down R. Kelly Documentary, Producer Says

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Yesterday it was reported, R. Kelly threatened to seek legal action against network if ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary airs. Click Here if you missed that.

Speaking with the Detroit Free Press, Dream Hampton revealed that Erykah BaduJAY-Z, Dave Chappelle, and Lady Gaga—all of whom have collaborated with R. Kelly—declined interviews. Questlove, Mary J. Blige, and Lil’ Kim also turned down the opportunity to speak, hampton said in an interview with Shadow and Act.

“I mean, most people just don’t want to touch it,” dream hampton said. “I remember [Questlove] was like, ‘I would do anything for you but I can’t do this.’ It’s not because they support him, it’s because it’s so messy and muddy. It’s that turning away that has allowed this to go on.”

Questlove later responded to the news in a since-deleted tweet. “I always thought Kels was trash,” he wrote. “My reason for declining the RKelly docu that I support 10000000 percent is I didn’t wanna be in the ‘good times’ portion of the doc, like stanning for his ‘genius.’ I was asked to talk about his genius. I do not nor have I EVER stanned for him.”

The only musicians who participated in “Surviving R. Kelly” were John Legend and R&B singer Stephanie “Sparkle” Edwards, who testified against Kelly at his 2008 trial. Dream Hampton said of John Legend’s participation, “That makes John Legend even more of a hero for me.”

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of This Year 2018 Part 2: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’, Drake And Pusha T Beef, Cardi B, And More

 If you missed the previous post click Here to read.

Part 2 is below…..

A brief recap.

  • Tristan Thompson made headlines after he cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant at the time.  Of course , Kris Jenner made sure to drama feature on of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’
  • Jada Pinkett’s social media show ‘Red Table Talk’ was amazing this year with the guest appearances from Gabrielle Union, Will Smith, Toni Braxton, and Sheree Fletcher and more.  Jada Pinkett did NOT sugar coat anything. She kept it real! Some folks were in their feelings about some of the episodes including Toni Braxton ex-husband Keri Lewis and Alfonso Ribeiro click Here and Here if you missed the stories.
  • Nicki Minaj released her album ‘Queen’ and reminded every one “She’s that b****!” . In one of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’s radio.
  • She said,” “People get mad at me for defending my fucking craft. Are you fucking stupid?”
  • Also, “If you don’t want to write your raps that’s fine but don’t expect to be treated like people that do write their raps. I’m just saying! “Rappers write their raps period.” “My thing is just stay out and keep quiet!”
  • Click Here if you missed that.
  • Yep, Nicki Minaj used her ‘Queen’ radio to voice her opinions about  the latest Hip Hop news, her ‘Queen’ album, sex, rapper 6ix9ine, Kylie Jenner  her issues with Travis Scott, and Cardi B and more. Click Here, Here, Here  if you missed that.
  • Nicki Minaj not only use her radio show to talk her shit. Ms. Minaj also clap back on social media. #CyberthuggingOnika
  • Click Here, Here, Here, Here if you missed the previous stories.
  • Nicki also claps back at folks who criticize her new relationship with Kenneth Petty. Click Here if you missed that.
  • Stays on her grind Ms. Minaj announces her new tour with rapper  Juice WRLD click Here if you missed that.
  • This year has been amazing for Cardi B minus Offset cheating scandal. click Here, Here,  if you missed that. Cardi B’s break out album ‘Invasion Of Privacy‘ debuted at number #1 on the Billboard. 
  • Cardi,  gave birth to Kulture Kiari Cephus in July
  • Cardi B shared a  first photo of  her daughter Kulture Kiari via social media. Click  Here if you missed that.
  • It’s NOT over yet for Cardi B she just recently release a video for her single “Money” and is nominated for a Grammy click Here and Here if you missed that. 
  • lil wayne good form GIF by Nicki Minaj
  • Can we talk about Weezy comeback? Weezy had everyone doing the #UproarChallenge. Ayeee!  Lil Wayne’s released his ‘Carter V’ album which debut No. 1 on next week’s Billboard 200. Click Here if you missed the story. Also, Lil Wayne took home ‘I Am Hip-Hop Award’ at this past BET Hip Hop Awards 2018. Click Here if you missed that.
  • Also, this year Weezy reached a settlement with Cash Money Records. His lawyer confirmed the news in an interview with Billboard.
  • “Per our settlement agreement, the matter has been amicably resolved to the satisfaction of all parties,” Sweeney said in a statement to Billboard. “In terms of the particulars, we’re prohibited legally from saying anything further. I can say that my client is happy. He is his own man, a man that owns his assets, his music and himself.
  •  Pusha T and Drizzy’s beef was one of the biggest rap beef in Hip Hop.In “Story of Adidon,” where Pusha claimed Drake to be an estranged father, among other things. Click HereHere  Here and Here if you missed the stories.
  • Earlier this month, Kanye settled Drake feud ‘I Would Never Intentionally Try to Hurt You’. Click Here if you missed that.
  • The celebrities we lost in 2018: Kim Porter, Mac Miller, Aretha Frankin, XXXtentacion, Stephen Hillenburg, Dennis Edwards
  • Suge Knight and Bill Cosby were both sentenced to prison the same week. Click Here and Here if you missed that.
  • Celebrities couples that called it a quits: Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson, Usher and Grace Miguel, Robert Deniro and his wife, and Forrest Whitaker and Keisha Nash Whitaker. Click Here, Here, Here and Here if you missed the stories.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z had the world going “Apeshit’ when they released their joint album. Click Here if you missed that.
  • Far from a laughing matter, Kevin Hart stepped down as an Oscar Host thanks to his homophobic jokes on social media. Click Here if you missed that.
  • Let’s NOT forget Teyana Taylor  and Jeremih’s tour drama.  Teyana Taylor talked about the drama on ‘The Real’.
  • I’m working my behind off and you call me your opener during one of the shows but then go on radio and say, ‘But I got love for her, you know, it’s all love,’ and try to make it seem like you’re taking the high road. It’s like no, because if you had love for me, you would have never tried to play me live.”“When he said what he said, that’s when I kind of pressed him about it over text. This is when we were in Toronto, so he kind of admitted that he did say it. I was like, ‘You know what? This tour is done.’ He said, ‘Let’s just let it be done.’ My thing is, if I’m just the opener, I shouldn’t have the power to say that this tour is done. So you already knew what I brought to the table, regardless. It was like, don’t try to play me.” Click Here if you missed that.
  • Celebrity engagements. Safaree and Erica Mena and Joe Budden, and Cyn Santana. Click Here and Here if you missed the stories.
  • Everyone favorite Black Love couple. Remy Ma and Papoose welcome the Golden Child a week ago. Click Here if you missed that.
  • Royalty. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding click Here if you missed that.
  • Jacquees had social media in a frenzy after he called himself the “King Of R&B” click Here, Here, Here missed the stories.
  • Future and all his baby mama drama click Here, Here, Here, Here and if you missed the stories.

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Kanye West Mother’s Surgeon Responds to Album Cover Photo Idea

























































































Lil Wayne Reportedly Praises Swizz Beatz And Reveals Jay-Z Helped Him Out With His Taxes

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If you missed the previous story on Weezy’s tax problems click Here to read.

In a video posted from his recent concert in Chicago.

Weezy says…

“There’s people like Jay-Z…he helped me when I was really really really down. Really really really down. There’s people like Swizz Beatz, that’s going to send me every beat he makes and rap on every single one until I got my situation straight.”

“He don’t want me to talk about it, Jay don’t want me to talk about it… that man help me with my taxes. These are real friends everybody.”
Before closing his gig in Chicago, the rapper also shared what a great year he’s had.

“This year has been amazing and I’m so grateful for all the love Tha Carter V has gotten,” he added. “There’s no better way to wrap up 2018 than to spend it with the people who mean the most to me—my fans!”

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