‘The Breakfast Club’ Says Nicki Minaj is NOT BANNED From The Show

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Nicki Minaj complained on Thursday that she’d been “banned” from rap’s hottest radio show, “The Breakfast Club.” But it’s news to the show’s co-host, Charlamagne tha God.

“There was never a problem with her,” he told Page Six, “we never banned her from the radio station. There is not a consequence to what she has said now, or in the past. I don’t know why she is saying that.” He added that he and Minaj “talk on the phone; we text each other” and that “rappers are going to be rappers,” and compared the posturing with “wrestling.” He said, “I would be happy and welcome her to come on the show.”

In her Twitter blowup, Minaj, who seemed to have been offended by something Charlamagne said on the show earlier in the week, said, Charlamagne get so excited when he thinks [someone’s about] to say something negative about me [on the show.] That tail get to wagging.” She added, “They banned me from the show but always talking about me.

Watch below.

UPDATE. Rick Ross Responds to Nicki Minaj Telling Him ‘Sit Your Fat Ass Down’ On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Nicki Minaj joined Budden and his co-hosts for the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast on Wednesday (Aug. 14). Minaj had some choice words for Rick Ross when Mal asked her who she thought was the better rapper between Rozay and The Game.

She said she dislikes artists using another artist’s name to stir up controversy to help sell records. Specifically, Minaj referenced Ross name-dropping her on his 2017 track “Apple of My Eye.” “I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki/ Instead of beefing with your dog, you just give ’em some distance,” Ross rapped.

“When a grown-ass fucking man name-drops a woman and disses a woman to sell an album when I was the only person in your artist’s corner when everyone turned their back on them,” she said.

Minaj recalled a text Ross sent to Meek Mill calling her a keeper after she stood up for him and his battle with the criminal justice system when speaking to Barack Obama during his presidency. “‘This chick is a keeper. She went in a room full of rappers and spoke to Obama and the first thing out of her mouth was about you and figuring out your probation situation and why you’re still on probation after all these years,'” Nicki remembered.

Nicki then brought up the recent back-and-forth between Rozay and 50 Cent that has rehashed their longtime feud. “And then you come out on an album when it’s time to sell some weak-ass fucking album and try to disrespect Nicki Minaj, and now you try to disrespect 50? Try to hope 50 would respond to your nonsense this time? Boy, sit your fat ass down.

In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, Ross talked about his new book and Port of Miami 2. He also responded to Nicki, attempting to defuse the situation after she belatedly responded to the line.

“I mean, if somebody went to meet Obama with you, she is a keeper until you find out otherwise,” said Rozay at the 33:20 mark of the interview. “She was around me a few times but other than that, she was a huge talent but she was playing a very important position at the time. She was in between Meek and Drake at the time. And what she don’t know, and what she might not understand coming from a big homie like myself, playing that position, that was a very fragile role.”

Around the time of her meeting with President Obama was when Meek Mill and Drake were taking shots at each other, claimed Ross. “And it would be very easy to put that responsibility on her. But that ain’t what I tried to make it to,” he added. “But most definitely when I seen it go sour, it would be easy to assume she may have had something to do with that and if somebody tells you they didn’t, they’re lying. But everybody moved forward. She moved forward, she doing her thing. I’m happy to see her do that.”

Watch the full interview above.

Press Play. DJ Akademiks Shares His Opinions On Nicki Minaj And Joe Budden Face Off On Complex’s ‘Everyday Struggle’

It was previously reported, During Joe Budden’s appearance on Queen Radio, Nicki confronted him about claims regarding “MotorSport.”

“I’m saying that when I say what the fuck it is that’s what the fuck it is,” she said about his “MotorSport” theories. “When I explained how ‘MotorSport’ came about… You went on your platform and said, ‘She didn’t know this other bitch was on the record. You said that. That is again implying that I’m lying when I sat and said exactly how the song came about… Y’all went and told the world Nicki Minaj is lying.”

Nicki refused to answer Budden’s question about whether or not her and Cardi were taking shots at each other on the song.

On Tuesday episode of ‘Everyday’s Struggle’, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks open up the show discussing Nicki Minaj’s latest episode of Queen Radio, where she and Joe Budden face off about their previous beef. DJ Akademiks does a deep dive into what started the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and shares his thoughts on what went wrong with “Motorsport.” The crew also shares their thoughts on the recent conflict between Nicki and Trina’s A&R.

Nicki Minaj Receives Backlash For Using #BlackGirlTragic To Call Out Black Women Critics Of Her And Her Relationship

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Nicki Minaj is constantly getting backlash from the Barbz on social media ever since she went Instagram official with her man, Kenneth Petty. On Sunday, she took to social media to clap back at trolls who left tons of rude comments on her latest photos with her man.

S/O to #BlackGirlTragic I mean black girl magic. Never forget there r 7 billion ppl in the world but u choose to interrupt ur important life to go on another black girl page to project ur own insecurities. #KissMyAssAndMyAnus 👅👅👅 S/O TO MY BAD BTCHS THO‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ #HotGirlSummer link in my BIO #QueenRadio TMRW 12NOON PST 🦄🦄🦄🦄🎈♥️‼️,” Nicki, 36, captioned a very racy, sexy photo of her and Kenneth.

“Who a hotta B? Who got alotta [sic] D? Who poppin’ like a P when he be hoppin’ out da V? #KenAndBarbie,” Nicki wroteOpens a New Window. in the caption.

Shortly before disabling comments on her posts, Nicki took to Twitter to reveal how she planned to deal with all of the haters. “Tomorrow I’m creating a new segment on [Queen Radio],” she wroteOpens a New Window.. “If you’ve ever left ur own page & ur own life to tell someone who’s on their OWN page living their OWN LIFE what YOU DON’T like about WHO or what they posted instead of just scrolling past, you’re a ummm… what do they call it? A 🤡.”

Amidst the backlash Nicki appeared on Joe’s Budden’s podcast and doubled down telling Joe,“Black girl tragic…And I don’t give a fk if y’all mad at me using that fking hash tag!”

RECAP. Nicki Minaj Addresses Trina’s A&R Calling Her A “Deceiver & Manipulator”, Gets Into An Argument With Joe Budden On ‘Queen Radio’

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Nicki Minaj returned with episode 15 of Queen Radio on Beats 1 to kick off the new week on Monday (Aug. 12). The celebratory episode marks the one-year anniversary since the release of Queen and the debut episode of Queen Radio. Instead of Megan Thee Stallion making a guest appearance, The Joe Budden Podcast co-hosts Joe Budden, Rory and Mal joined Minaj in studio to contribute to the radio show.

Addressing Budden’s claim that Nicki’s live session with Megan Thee Stallion was planned, the two got into a debate about whether “Hot Girl Summer” was an organic collaboration. “I went on Live to discuss the ‘MEGATRON’ winners, and when I was on there I saw a lot of people telling me to go on with Megan,” she explained. “She basically hinted at the fact she wanted me on the song. […] When we got off the live I spoke with [her team].”

She said that she loved the song when she first heard it, so it all came together shortly after the Instagram Live session. Nicki then accused Joe of calling her a liar, with him saying that he doubted her because the video was turned around quickly. While he believes her now, she still tried to get to bottom of what he said. “I think that the music industry is calculated,” he added, confirming that it wasn’t a personal attack on her.

After that the situation regarding “Motorsport,” which also featured Cardi B, was brought up when Budden accused Nicki of lying about knowing Cardi was on the song before it came out. You really think people could put out a song and I don’t know who’s on it?” she asked. Eventually she got heated enough to cut him off with a song. She then cut off the song, playing back a clip of Everyday Struggle.

“You like tearing down women when they can’t defend themselves,” Nicki said in a shouting match with Budden. To huge laughs, she added, “Thank you for being here by the way.” She continued, “Don’t call me Fam that’s how I know you’re mad. FUCK OUTTA HERE FAM.” Under his voice Budden replied, “This is why I don’t do this, y’all live in some sort of bubble.”

On Trina’s head A&R of her Rockstarr Music Group called out the rapper on Instagram for not doing enough to support their collaboration “BAPS.

“All the people who went out of their way to hurt me, I hope you pray and repent,” she said.

“Trina’s camp is pushing the narrative that I didn’t do enough to promote the record. I can say so much that I don’t. I’m not addressing men any more. My husband will address ya’ll. He is dying to address ya’ll. He wants that role. Ni**as will see you face-to-face. That’s a whole fu**ing fact.”

“Right now Trina’s camp is accusing me of not doing enough to push her song ‘Baps,'” she commented. “I have my own schedule and I also have to worry about what makes not only sense/cents but dollars. And it’s not fair that people don’t understand that. I would never have someone from my team disrespect somebody that has been nothing but real to me..”

Following an interview with entertainer Ts Madison, Minaj confirmed that she would be marrying Kenneth “Zoo” Petty within the next 90 days.

Joe Budden Discusses Top 50 Rappers List On His Podcast

It was previously reported, The Cincinnati-based The Brew podcast published their list of “Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All-Time”in music history on Monday, sparking a near-instant backlash. To the surprise of many, the list had some questionable rankings that could not be ignored. The bone of contention for many was New York rapper Joe Budden being ranked the third-best rapper of all time. 

Budden decided to speak on Ebro’s list on the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast.

“Ebro you are f***in’ nasty,” he said. “You are a nasty f***. But it’s not just you.” Budden then decided to give props to the original list.

“I applaud anyone who takes the time to write down the top 50.”

While Mal and Rory tried to applaud Ebro for writing a top 50 list, he knocked down the hype yet again.

“I ain’t applauding Ebro for seeing the traction that the little known podcast got, and trying to mimic it on the national radio program.”

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