Vocals On Fleek. Keke Wyatt Brings Us to Church With Her Performance of “God Will Take Care of You” On ‘Sunday Best’

Here’s a little motivation for your Wednesday! Keke Wyatt performs ‘God Will Take Care of You,’ and gives us all the best vocal runs of our lives! Make sure to catch more on ‘Sunday Best’ every Sunday on BET at 8/7c. Keke needs to drop a Gospel album ASAP!

Keke Wyatt’s Ex Husband Michael Ford, Claims R&B Singer is Full of Lies, Threatens To Sue

Keke Wyatt’s ex-husband Michael Ford  threatens to sue Keke Wyatt. Last year, Keke said they were divorcing because Michael left her when she was 8 months pregnant with their ninth child. However, Ford said, “I can no longer allow our children to live in a toxic environment and, because I love Keke, I can no longer […]

Paris Bennett Defends Herself Keke Wyatt’s Claims That She Was Her Ex-Husband’s Mistress

Earlier this week, KeKe Wyatt announced that not only was her child cancer-free, she had married a new man, just a year after she told the world that her husband wanted a divorce. Click Here if you missed the story. Paris addresses Keke Wyatt’s claims she was her ex-husband Michael Jamar mistress and more in […]

Paris Bennett Responds To Keke Wyatt On Social Media: ‘Immaturity is a child like TANTRUM learned & untamed’

Yesterday, KeKe made a lengthy post on Instagram detailing Paris Bennett’s betrayal claiming she invited Paris into her home, looked at her as a little sister and even let Paris sing back-up at her shows. Click Here if you missed the story. Paris responds… “People that rant and rave usually have something to prove. But, […]

Put A Ring On It! Keke Wyatt Reveals She’s Married, Her Child Is Cancer-Free, And Addresses Her Ex. Michael And Paris Bennett Messy Situation

Won’t He Do It! Back in August,  Paris Bennett received tons of backlash on social media for dating Keke Wyatt’s estranged husband  Michael Jamar Ford.  Michael Jamar Ford released a statement.  “Keke and I are legally divorced. There was never any cheating that took place in our relationship by either party. We are now free to be whoever’s MCM or WCW, and […]