Ol Dirty Bastard’s Estate Reportedly Threatens Lil Wayne With Legal Action Over Trademark Dispute

Back in June it was reported, Young Money Entertainment just applied to trademark “New Dirty Bastard” for use in record production, music production and many other entertainment related services..

Jones and the attorney said they are not looking to cause any difficulties for Young Money’s project, but they are unclear on what “New Dirty Bastard” is and want to find out more information from Young Money. We’re told they are interested in talking on an “artistic level before any other conversations take place.

Fast Forward… The Blast obtained a letter sent Wednesday to Young Money from ODB’s estate. The document explains that the Estate of Russell Jones owns the “full right, title, and interest in and to the name and likeness” of anything ODB, and they believe the recent filing by Young Money to register “New Dirty Bastard” is a clear violation of trademark law.


Judge Reportedly Allows Lawsuit Against Cash Money and UMG Over Drake Album Profits Move Forward

Last month it was reported, Lil Wayne’s attorney Ron Sweeney of Sweeney, Johnson & Sweeney LLC  confirmed the rapper reached a settlement with Cash Money Records. Click Here if you missed that.

Judge Barry Ostrager refused to dismiss Aspire Music Group’s profits lawsuit against the industry giant. Aspire, Drake’s first record label, accuses Cash Money of being a sock puppet for Universal — and wants to hold UMG responsible for some of Cash Money’s alleged misbehavior.

Fast Forward…

According to reports, Last week, New York Supreme Court Judge Barry Ostrager largely rejected a motion to dismiss.

Cash Money argued there was an incontestability provision in the agreement whereby Aspire needed within two years of receiving an accounting statement to provide written objections. Since Aspire hadn’t, the defendant moved for dismissal on the basis that Aspire had failed to meet the conditions of its deal.

“The Money Defendants’ purported frustration of Aspire’s ability to perform any of these apparent conditions precedent necessitates denial of the Money Defendants’ motion to dismiss,” responds Ostrager. “Here, Aspire alleges the Money Defendants provided deceptive statements reflecting no monies due to Aspire and eventually ceased providing Aspire with any accounting statements. Aspire has provided documentary evidence of at least one request to conduct an audit of Cash Money and Cash Money’s purported failure to adequately respond.”

Ostrager also rejects a statute of limitations argument except with respect to claims arising out of accounting statements provided before March 2010. The judge points to a tolling agreement between the parties that extended the time period in which Aspire could sue.

The responsibility — or liability — could fall on Universal’s shoulders. That’s because in an amended complaint Aspire alleges — “adequately,” according to the judge — Universal is the equitable owner of Cash Money and the “alter ego” of Cash Money.

Cash Money was co-founded by Bryan “Birdman” Williams, and Universal technically isn’t the label’s owner.

However, according to Aspire’s complaint, Universal took advantage of Cash Money’s cash flow problems by satisfying debt in exchange for control. The companies are said to share office space and an intermingled business affairs department. Cash Money also is dependent on advances and direct payments from Universal. It’s enough for the judge at this point to see Universal as really controlling the business operations of Cash Money.

Click Here to read more.

Georgia Supreme Court Reverses Conviction in Lil’ Wayne Tour Bus Shooting

Image result for Lil Wayne Back in 2015, Jimmy Winfrey, the man accused of shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus back in April, has been hit with a domestic terrorism charge, WSB-TV Atlanta reports.

Fast Forward…
In a surprising development with the case against a man accused of shooting up Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus in Atlanta, the Georgia Supreme Court overturned his conviction on the grounds that he was pressured to take a plea deal.

According to reports, Court documents say Young Thug’s associates caught up with Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus and riddled it with bullets….

Winfrey took a plea deal for 10 years, but the Georgia Supreme Court reversed that conviction Friday on the grounds that the trial judge bullied Winfrey into it. She threatened that she wouldn’t give him parole if he was found guilty, and said, “….my reputation is not that I’m an easy judge. I know it, you know it, the whole community knows it. So if that’s what you want to go up against, be my guest.”

Winfrey’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, said, “The reversal means the case will be remanded to the trial court for Mr. Winfrey to essentially start the process anew. I’m certain the first order of business will be to seek a reassignment of the case to a different judge.”

Winfrey, who goes by Peewee Roscoe, was the tour manager of rapper Bryan “Birdman” Williams, who had a Bloods gang beef with Lil Wayne.

Additional Facts:

  • Jimmy was the man who claim Birdman and Young Thug was involved in Lil Wayne’s murder plot click Here if you missed the story.
  • Both Birdman and Young denied having anything to do with Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting click Here and Here if you missed that.



Pusha T Addresses J. Prince Claiming Drake Has A Career Ending Diss Track And More On Drink Champs (Full Episode)

Image result for Pusha T | Drink Champs (Full Episode)

Pusha T joined NORE and DJ EFN on the latest episode of Drink Champs. They ultimately spoke about the Drake beef and Push got into some details about the whole thing. He said that he doesn’t have anything “career-ending” in the closet and what’s even more interesting, is that part was never brought up in the conversation between Prince and Push’s manager.

“Whatever their decision is or decision-making is is based off of what’s best for them. I don’t know what ends my career. I ain’t ever told on nobody. I am who I am. I don’t even know what’s career-ending these days, but whatever it is, I ain’t done it.” He said. “At the end of the day, like I said, those conversations were had and those conversations were had without that soundbite.”

Pusha T later reveals that the “career-ending” narrative came up after the conversation was had between Prince and Push’s management. After N.O.R.E.asked Push if he thought J. Prince would intervene, Push responded, “That’s the last person I thought would be speaking.”

Starts around the 50:30 mark.

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