Mary J. Blige Sued for Allegedly Bailing on and Trashing L.A. Rental Mansion

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The singer  is being sued for allegedly bailing and trashing her L.A. rental mansion.

According to reports, Golden Venus LLC. claims Blige and her ex-husband, Martin Isaacs, rented a Beverly Hills home beginning on May 1, 2015.

Golden Venus claims the lease called for the couple to pay $25,500 per month in rent and put down a $51,000 security deposit.

In April of 2016, Golden Venus says they agreed to a lease extension with the couple with the rent increasing to $27,000 per month. But on August 5, 2016, they claim Blige and Isaacs failed to pay their rent for August through November, so they served them with notice to pay up the $85,050 they owed or vacate in three days.

Eventually, the two sides came to a deal — Blige and Isaacs would pay Golden Venus $27,000 and allow them to keep the security deposit and they would call it even.

But Golden Venus claims they never got the $27,000. Furthermore, they claim discovered $16,058.78 in damages to the home — including holes in the wall and repairs to the water heater, freezer, air conditioning unit and garage door. They also claim they realized $31,052.52 in audio/visual equipment had been “removed” from the home


What’s The 411? Mary J. Blige DENIES Fighting Faith Evans At Diddy’s Party

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No more drama….

A blogger admitted making up the Mary. J. Blige and Faith Evans  . The Queen of Hip Hop and R&B fought with Faith Evans at a Diddy party in the Hamptons the night of the Cardi B-Nicki Minaj melee.

Fast Forward…

Mary J. Blige walked in a Dennis Basso show on Monday — and addressed a wild rumor.

“Of course that was made up. I was shooting a movie in Louisiana . . . I just got here today,” a glamorous Blige told Page six.

Blige said she had never dreamed of walking in a fashion show.

“I was a tomboy who thought about running in the streets or hopping a fence, playing basketball. I’m not gonna sit here and lie just because we at a fashion show. I just did not think about it, because I was not that girl.”

As for her catwalking technique?

“I don’t need the runway to walk with a f–k-you mentality. I walk down the street with a f–k-you attitude . . . It’s not ‘F –k the world,’ but ‘This is me, and you can’t stop me from being me.’ ”

“I have no idea how this rumor started. Puffy didn’t even have a party,” Faith’s rep told Hollywood Life.


(UPDATE) Rumor Failed. Blogger Admits Starting Fatih Evans Mary J. Blige Fight Rumors

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Last night while the Internet was buzzing about Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fighting at an event for New York Fashion Week, rumors began to swirl that Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige had also been fighting last night.

It’s not true…


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