Lil Baby On His Relationship To DaBaby, His Journey to 9 Billion Streams & More On ‘Nick Cannon Mornings’

Lil Baby stopped by Power 106 on the “Nick Cannon Mornings” show to talk that talk!

After serving two years in prison, Lil Baby tapped into music and dropped his first mixtape ‘Perfect Timing’ in 2016. His current success speaks for itself with his song “Drip Too Hard” featuring Gunna getting certified RIAA Platinum and MC Platinum.

He talked to Nick about the connection some rappers are having with one another, like the time he first met DaBaby.

“I seen him one time when I first started rapping south by southwest . . . I always knew of him then like maybe a year later came, I was in North Carolina one time, we had hooked up and we made a song,” He said. “It was one of his breakthrough songs, but he put me on the remix.”

Nick asked if there was ever any problem with having the same name as DaBaby, but the rapper said since the beginning “It was always cool, definitely. Now we cooler . . . it’s always been cool.”

IAm Compton Talks TV Show ‘Black Ink Crew Compton’, How The Shop Came About, And His Music Career W/ Nick Cannon

Musician, tattoo artist, and now reality star, iAm Compton stops by Nick Cannon Mornings and talks about his new TV show, ‘Black Ink Crew Compton’, how the shop came about, and his music career.

From the hood to establishing the first black-owned tattoo shop in the city of Compton, iAm’s upbringing has definitely molded him into becoming a successful black man in the industry. Perseverance has never been a question, for he has consistently strived to be great not only in his music, but in his tattoo business as well.

“When I do set up shop, it’s gotta be my own shop. I can’t work under nobody.” states iAm.

Many fans have also questioned where the creative got his name from. During the interview he goes on to explain his love for his city, and how if one is from there, they rep it to the fullest.

“You from LA? NO. I’m from Compton.” Hence the reason why he chose his name. The “iAm” portion of his name however, is an acronym for the things he is passionate about.

“As far what the ‘iAm Compton’…ink, art, music is my three elements…it’s the struggle I can’t never forget.”

After he came up with the name, he established his name even further by tattooing it on himself. Besides his own body, he has also tattooed many famous celebrities including Diddy and more. While he has tattooed and done music with Diddy, he wants to be able to establish himself more in the music realm to show fans that he is just as passionate about his music as he is about tattooing.

While starring in the new reality show, ‘Black Ink Crew Compton,’ the artist says he is not worried about personal drama that the cameras reveal. He is used to the attention from excelling in sports and being highlighted in his community when he was younger.

‘Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out’ Season 13, Episode 21

eva marcille & g herbo

Eva Marcille and G Herbo lead the Black Squad against Nick and the Red Squad in Flow Job, Talking Spit, Remix and Wildstyle, and G Herbo performs.

Click Here and Here to watch

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out’ Season 13, Episode 19

love & hip hop hollywood

Miss Nikki, Brooke and Paris from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood join Shawty Shawty to play Now You Wild Out, Talking Spit, Family Reunion and Wildstyle, and Kash Doll Performs.

Click Here to watch

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out’ Season 13, Episode 16

T-Pain’s Black Squad faces Nick and the Red Squad in Turn Up for What, Got Damned, R&Beef and Wild Style, and Moneybagg Yo closes out the show with his song “Say Na.”

Click Here to watch

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