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K. Michelle constantly sings songs of heartbreak and pain. One look into the life of this songstress turned reality star and you’ll understand why. In this story we take a deep look into some of the experiences that inspired some of the songs you know and love as well as her journey to fame.

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Parents Of R. Kelly Victim Launch ‘Abuse Hotline’ Against The R&B Singer

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The family of one of R. Kelly’s alleged abuse victims has created an “abuse hotline” for victims to report their encounters with the R&B singer.

Tim and Jonjelyn Savage accused R. Kelly of brainwashing their daughter, Joycelyn, and holding her against her will. The Savages said they haven’t seen their daughter since December 2016 and last spoke to her on the phone in December 2017. Though Joycelyn has come out to dispute her parents’ claims, she still remains with the singer.

According to Mic, the Savages have been inundated with calls from women or parents with their own stores of abuse by the R&B singer since the Buzzfeed article. Because many were too scared to speak out, it pushed the couple to launch the “R. Kelly abuse hotline” this week.

“One reason I feel that he’s been getting away with a lot of the allegations for the last two decades is because people feel he has money and power and they don’t have the resources to fight him…”

I Confess. R. Kelly’s Lawyer Wants to Drop Singer in Lawsuit Over Allegations He Ruined a Man’s Marriage

Image result for R. KellyEarlier this week,  Mississippi deputy sheriff Kenny Bryant filed docs informing the singer he plans on grilling him about the allegations of the affair in the near future.

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Fast Forward….

R. Kelly‘s lawyer  is pleading with a judge to allow him to drop his client in the legal battle accusing the singer of breaking up a marriage.

According to the Blast reports, M. Craig Robertson argues he should be “allowed to discontinue any further legal services and/or representation of Defendants now and/or in the future for reasons to be shown at the hearing of this motion.”  The lawyer says Kelly won’t be harmed by him dropping him and he has time to hire another attorney, if he desires to get new representation.

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R Kelly Facing Deposition in Alienation of Affection Lawsuit

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Last year embattled R&B singer R. Kelly was sued by a Mississippi deputy sheriff who accused him of seducing his wife, infecting her with an STD and carrying on a five year affair.

Now the accuser plans to depose R Kelly under oath…

From The Blast 

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kenny Bryant intends to depose Kelly in Mississippi in the near future. Bryant says the deposition will go down at his lawyer’s office and will be “continuing day to day until completed.”

Bryant is seeking damages for the ruin of his marriage, deprivation of spouse, love, support, conjugal affection and emotional, psychological and financial loss.

Mississippi is one of the few states that allow lawsuits for alienation of affection.

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