WE TV Releases “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” Sneak Peek Season 3

An explosive uncovering of the truth will shatter everything. Season 3 of the hit series “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” premieres Thursday, June 13 at 9pm ET/PT on WEtv.

On this season of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea “Drea” Kelly and her three children Buku, Kyd, and Jaah move back to Atlanta and are breaking their silence in a buzzing child support battle. As Drea tries to spread her wings and fly, the arrest of R. Kelly is yet another wound inflicted on her from her nightmare of an ex. Drea’s sweet daughter Buku takes a step out on her own, trying to establish herself as a vocal artist in her own right away from the long shadow of her criminal father.

Also this season, a life in the fast lane spirals out of control when a violent night between rapper Bow Wow and his then-girlfriend Kiyomi sends Atlanta police rushing to the scene where they are arrested and charged with battery. Hip hop icons Waka Flocka Flame (son of Debra Antney) and his firecracker wife Tammy Rivera are back in the A after their dream wedding and starting fresh after renewing their vows in Cancun, Mexico. In the wake of prison and bankruptcy, rapper Da Brat tries to reform both her image and her finances. To keep her head in the game, Brat joins forces with legendary hip hop manager Debra Antney to create an Artist Boot Camp designed to help foster and develop young musical talent in Atlanta. The controversial Brandon Barnes (Debra Antney’s godson) is back and his charlatan ways finally catch up to him in an explosive uncovering of the truth. Deb’s niece, Ayana Fite, DJ Hurricane’s daughter, is on a warpath when Brandon tries to break through the family circle in a hurricane of lies.

R. Kelly’s Daughter Drops Out Of College After Dad Stops Paying Tuition

It was previously reported, Kellz finally caught up with his child support payments, it’s now being reported that he’s hasn’t been paying the bill to support his daughter in college. Click Here if you missed that.

Kellz ‘s daughter, Buku Abi, was reportedly forced to drop out of college after her father stopped paying for her tuition, TMZ reports.

Buku, whose real name is Joann Lee, reportedly attended an art school in California. It was not until she attempted to sign up for courses for the upcoming semester, that she was rejected due to unpaid fees. According to sources, R. Kelly was supposed to pay Buku’s tuition until she turns 23. Instead, she was allegedly cut off financially in 2018 when Kelly stopped paying for her housing and books without warning.

Kelly’s team denies the accusations. The disgraced singer’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, told the website that Kelly believed his daughter had already dropped out of college, which is why he stopped making payments. Johnson said his client is only obligated to pay after receiving billing statements from the school.

R. Kelly Pays $62,000 in Back Child Support To Ex-wife Drea Kelly

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R. Kelly presented a $62,000 check to his ex-wife for back child support Wednesday during a Chicago court appearance that the R&B artist hopes will mitigate further legal trouble.

Kelly handed over the check two months after he was arrested and jailed for failing to make the required payments. He was released from jail after a benefactor made a payment on his behalf.

Kelly’s court appearance at Wednesday’s child support hearing came a day after he appeared in court on unrelated charges of assaulting three underage girls and one woman between 1998 and 2010. Kelly has pleaded not guilty and denies the allegations in that case.

The singer-songwriter made Wednesday’s $62,499 payment to cover back child support for the months of March, April and May.

“My client now looks forward to clearing his name and being cleared of all charges in the near future,” said Kelly representative Darrell Johnson. “Mr. Kelly also placed a check for child support in escrow with his family law attorney for June, July and August in advance. It will paid be in the next couple of days or on his next meeting on May 14th.”

However Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly is still seeking $32,383 in back child support remaining from the $161,000 that the judge ordered Kelly to pay in March.

In addition, Drea Kelly is seeking interest for back child support payments and attorney fees, which her attorney told the judge she is entitled to as a means of enforcing past and future payments.

Kelly will also have to answer to his ex-wife’s claim that he did not meet his obligation to pay college expenses for their daughter, which forced her to leave school.

The judge previously found Kelly in contempt when he didn’t respond to court documents about his failure to meet their original settlement agreement and failed to show up in court on Feb. 6. Kelly is legally obligated to provide payment through his daughter’s 23rd birthday, and Drea Kelly is asking that the timetable be extended a year because she missed a year of school due to nonpayment.

The judge ordered Kelly and his ex-wife to set a date to come up with a solution, saying, “My biggest concern is that she should be able to finish school.” Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, countered that Drea Kelly had impeded his client’s ability to make a living, but the judge retorted: “I wouldn’t go down that path.”

Drea Kelly spoke up only once in court, to confirm that her daughter has one year of college remaining, should she re-enroll.

K. Michelle Speaks After Crashing A Stage At Country Music Event And More On ‘Hollywood Unlocked’

The singer pulled up to ‘Hollywood Unlocked to discuss the incident that happen in Nashville, Moniece Slaughter, R. Kelly and more!

A week ago, During a show at Nashville’s “Nash Edition,” K. Michelle took over the stage, Apparently, the singer was in attendance as a guest, but felt compelled to leave the audience and join host and singer Tyler Rayn in the middle of a set, instead. Michelle took over the mic to say a few words.

“Hello Nashville. My name is K. Michelle,” she said. “I have three number one albums on Billboard. You can pull out your Google right now, as we speak, no lie. I currently am here in Nashville, I just got through sitting down with Chris Stapleton, you guys can pull [him] up. I am a Black girl. And guess what? I’m a Black girl who sings better than any white motherf***er country singer in Nashville right now. And guess what? I have a ton of your favorite people behind me!”

Click Here if you missed that.

The singer tells HER side of the story at the 9:04 mark.

“This a perfect setting you see I normally try to defend myself online. I said I’m NOT defending myself no more, because out of all these years if you ever, even if you didn’t like me if you watched her wanted to judge me and pay attention you will know. I never like react first I’m never coming at you hard first. I’m always cool with you cool and shit until you do something to me. Then I’m going to give you hell and I’m going to win it. “

Jason Lee recaps the Nashville incident for his viewers.

K. Michelle says, “It was all white people there. I went there to do what I needed to do. “

K. Michelle explains what went down.

So, I met this …. lot is going on Nashville is very uptight right now because of the Luna’s record. Oh no they put up a sign and everything congratulating Billy Ray Cyrus and they know he had to go with his sign and say , “Thank you Lil Nas for this.” They were very irritated. You see how they treated Beyonce’s performance. And, how they treated her. Nashville has always been known to keep their music, their music. Well you can look at as good and bad. If we did that in this music… If we were that tight in our music we would have great music and our babies would have love like Motown.

At the 11:04 mark, Jason Lee shades Moniece and Apryl Jones.

K. continues, “I went to Nashville and I had already sat down with Chris Stapleton talked to him about it. I went to Nashville and said, “I’m going to go.” This was my third time down there for country music. I had a show an R&B show for the NFL Draft, so I did it. So, let’s go to like a honky-tonk and see how they get down. So, I walked in of course I’m the only black person then I got two big black men behind me. Because, they are the body guards from the other show…..I said I want to sing. He said, “Well this is NOT the night. This is not the night. This is country music night. It was the man running the music and everything. He had no idea that’s how I pay for college through yodeling.You can’t look at people because I act like you think because I look like this. I grew up my mother took me to Bob Westbrook he’s one of the biggest people he trained Britney Spears , Justin Timberlake, and Miss. America. And, he said , “No offense man but this is a little black girl and they’re going to expect her to sing like Whitney Houston with this big voice. I want to teach her something else. If you would allow me to teach something else.” K. Michelle continues, “It was how to yodel and sing country music , and it was how to love different things…

At the 13:48 mark K. Michelle explains the reason she doesn’t have a country album out at the because of her label.

Jason asks K. Michelle about her relationship with R.Kelly. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will be aware of Kelly’s ongoing sexual abuse cases. Well, K does not have anything negative to bring to the table.

While opening up about her experience with Robert, she becomes emotional as she explains that, “an abuser saved me from an abuser.” He saved her from her own life-threatening situation and helped with her career. K. Michelle isn’t going to put him down and destroy him. K. Michelle reveals she lived with him and saw everything that happened. If R. Kelly goes to jail, everyone is! Including parents who were present and aware!

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Pushing Prosecutors to Share Video Showing Alleged Underage Sexual Assault

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R. Kelly‘s lawyer is putting the heat on prosecutors to share a video that allegedly shows the disgraced singer sexually assaulting an underage girl.

After a court hearing held Tuesday morning in Chicago, R. Kelly’s defense attorney Steve Greenberg told reporters he is still waiting for prosecutors to make a copy of the tape for him to view, according to multiple reports.

“The state has the tape. I can’t get it from them. They have to produce it,” said Greenberg, according to CBS Chicago. “They have an obligation to produce it. Maybe the squirrels are working slowly.”

The local station reports that Greenberg was joined by “at least five more attorneys” at the hearing and is trying to “preserve all emails, text messages and other communications” between Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx‘s office and attorney Michael Avenatti, who turned over the video allegedly showing Kelly assaulting the underage girl.

Kelly, 52, isn’t due back in court until June 26 for his criminal case, but he is expected to make an appearance Wednesday for a child support hearing. On March 6, he was escorted out of a Cook County courtroom and taken into custody after failing to pay $161,000 in back child support.

After also failing to show up to court in April, Kelly lost a civil lawsuit by default against a woman who alleges the R&B singer sexually abused her as a teenager.

Watch Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact

Following the debut of the record-breaking premiere of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, the network will debut a two-hour follow-up special, Surviving R Kelly: The Impact, detailing the conversations and reactions ignited by the powerful documentary series. Hosted by award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien, Surviving R Kelly: The Impact highlights the impact the documentary has had on our culture globally, how it has elevated the conversation on sexual violence and what it means to be a survivor.

In the days following the debut of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime, vital conversations erupted throughout the country. Calls to sexual assault hotlines increased by 35%, and #MuteRKelly activists were galvanized to protest for R. Kelly’s record label to drop him. Public outcry ensured the survivors would not be ignored and more women came forward with allegations of abuse. Seven weeks after the debut of the docuseries, the Cook County attorney’s office indicted the R&B singer on 10 felony counts of aggravated sexual assault involving four victims and spanning over a decade, ultimately leading to Kelly’s arrest. The special features footage from the docuseries, interviews with journalists, legal experts, non-profit organizations and psychologists to discuss the ongoing story surrounding R. Kelly, including an in-depth look at his now infamous interview with Gayle King and the women who are still standing by his side.

Click Here, Here, or Here to watch

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