Georgia Company Reportedly sues R. Kelly Over Damage To Rental Homes

Image may contain: one or more people and sunglasses Back in Febraury it was reported, R. Kelly has been served with an eviction notice on one of his Georgia homes, which was believed to be used as the hub of the R&B singer’s alleged ‘sex cult’ before being burgled last year.

The eviction notice, obtained exclusively by, was filed on Tuesday for Kelly’s home in the Johns Creek neighborhood of Duluth after the singer racked up $23,084.90 in unpaid rent and $2,308.49 in late fees.

Here’s an update on the situation.

An Atlanta-area property company is suing Grammy-winning R&B artist R. Kelly for $203,400 over “extensive damage” to two homes he rented.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports SB Property Management Global, LLC., based in East Point, filed the lawsuit Wednesday. It says one home suffered damage to electric wiring, flooring, and windows and was missing items including a stove, furniture, ceiling fans and 22 light fixtures.

These are the same homes an associate of Kelly’s was accused of robbing in 2017. Alfonso L. Walker was charged with theft and burglary. Kelly and the company settled in April 2018 for $170,000, agreeing Kelly would be released from damage claims. But the lawsuit says Kelly has only paid $20,000.


R. Kelly To Perform At Madison Square Garden Theatre… His Most High-Profile Show In Years

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A few weeks ago the singer released his  19-minute track “I Admit”  covers the accusations that Kelly kidnapped women and held them as sex slaves, and the allegation that he slept with underage girls.

R. Kelly is scheduled to perform at the Hulu Theatre at New York City’s Madison Square Garden next month, according to the venue’s website, ticketing platforms, and Kelly’s RCA Records artist page.

According to reports, The little-noticed September 15 booking is, paradoxically, the embattled singer’s most high-profile gig in years….. When reached for comment, a representative for MSG said, “MSG has a long history of not censoring performers. We believe artists have the right to rent our venues to put on their own event, and that the public then has the choice whether or not to support that event.” A representative for RCA Records did not respond to a request for comment; the label has historically avoided making any statement on the allegations.

R. Kelly’s Brother Makes ‘Donkey Of The Day’ Because Of Trash Diss Record “I Confess”

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Yesterday it was reported, Carey Kelly responds to Kellz with his version of the song “I Confess”

“You see me, you get scared/you call the police,” he said on the nearly 3-minute song. “You gave them females some crazy disease/ want you to know Momma not pleased/Tell me how them n***as that tight and you ain’t gotta wife/something smell fishy, what’s going on/what kinda man want to spend the night in a man home?”

Today… Carey Kelly is name ‘Donkey Of The Day’.

K Michelle Talks About R. Kelly, Silicone Shots, Idris Elba, Lyrica Anderson, And More On ‘HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED’

Mini Cliff Notes:

  • K. Michelle says at the beginning of the interview “I’m used to being in the villain. They try to vilify you  I get that. So, when I see the villains on TV and then the villains in life. I always had they back cuz like you never know the situation.”
  • K. Michelle talks about being sick at the 1:28 mark. Says “Silicon makes your heart it would make you feel like you’re having a heart attack….. The episode coming on ‘Love & Hip Hop I don’t even remember being on stage I was so sick that was the last tour date.
  • K. Michelle talks about getting butt shots around the 3:44 mark. K. Michelle says “It wasn’t a license doctor. Butt shots are not legal. Nowhere except out the country. Everybody is  done in  the hotel room they are not legal in America.
  • K. Michelle explains the process of getting the butt injections at the 4:23 mark.
  • K. Michelle Talks about Idris Elba at the 7:55 mark.
  • K. Michelle talks about JR Smith at the 8:17 mark.
  • K. Michelle talks about Memphitz at the 16:23 mark. Says, “I never said his name.. I never been attempted to go and tell on him.  I felt like no one knew you no way.”
  • K. Michelle says Memphitz has real anger issues.
  • K. Michelle talks about R. Kelly at the 23:32 mark.
  • At the 26:00 mark K. Michelle talks about R. Kelly having naked women in the tank. So when you put your hand in the glass. They mimic the glass. … That was their own salary. That was their job. If you was a woman and you put your hand on the glass. They would mimic you. But, if you was a man they wouldn’t pay you no attention.
  • At the 26:59 mark, K. Michelle says, “… Musically you can only talk  to him through music. You can’t have like me and you talking . You’re not going to get anywhere with him.”
  • “[Kellz] believes you’re not suppose to change clothes. If you start a song you keep the same clothes on. You don’t ever hand over your microphone that is your power.”
  • K. Michelle says, “He would always call me Tammy. He doesn’t call me K. He said, “I am Tammi Terrell reincarnated. He believe that in his head.   So, we did a song and he wanted me to sound just like her. And, it took me three days and he fought with me for perfection for every single note.  The single called “Love Is”.
  • K. Michelle talks about Angela Yee at the 30:37 mark.
  • K. Michelle talks about Lyrica Anderson at the 45:07 mark.

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