‘LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA’ Season 6 Ep 13

Kirk and Rasheeda finally talk. Dime gets the romantic surprise of a lifetime. Back in Atlanta, Jasmine gets an unwanted visit from her pesky ex-boyfriend. And Joseline reconsiders working things out with Stevie. Click Here, Here, or Here to watch.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’Season 6 Episode 10.

Joseline is back in action after the birth of Bonnie Bella. Rasheeda confronts her mother about Scrappy’s party. KK convinces Tommie and her mother to give their relationship another try. Joseline and Karlie come face to face. Click Here, Here or Here to watch.

‘Love And Hiphop Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 9.

Stevie adjusts to being a new dad. Scrappy throws a party to celebrate his return to single life. Momma Dee and Shirleen team up to pry into Kirk’s affairs. Waka makes a grand romantic gesture to win Tammy back. Click Here, Here, or Here to watch.