Is He Trolling Again Or Nah? Andrew Caldwell Says, “I’m Going To Jail If I Don’t Pay $3 million Judgment.”

Andrew outchea begging and pleading folks for an interview to help pay that big ass $3 million judgement. Oh by the way the recent lawsuit did not stop him from talking shit about Kordell on social media.

Watch the clip here posted a few days ago on his social media page.

Andrew recent antics never let me down.



Tiger Woods Interview On ‘Good Morning America’ Says He Is ‘Trying Everything I Can Do’ To Return To Masters Glory.

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I hope Tiger can make a come back. It is really looking sad for the Tiger Woods fans.

Tiger does an interview with GMA.

“I’m trying. I’m trying everything I can do to be able to get back and play,” Woods, 41, said today on “Good Morning America.” “I love that event. It’s meant so much to me in my life.”

It was 1997 when Woods broke into super-stardom by winning The Masters at the age of 21, becoming the tournament’s youngest winner and first African-American winner. Woods has won The Masters four times in all, earning his last victory in 2005.

“It has so much history and meaning to me that I’d love to get back,” said Woods, whose new book “The 1997 Masters: My Story,” chronicles his historic 1997 win.

Woods, who now lives in Jupiter, Florida, would go on to win 79 PGA Tour events and 14 major golf championships. His career has been hampered in recent years by injuries, primarily his back.

Click Here to watch.

Get’em! Dominique Penn Tells Social Media Do Not Make Me The Villain.

Back in Jan of this year, Camilla Poindexter gave birth to Donald’s daughter last year while he was still married to his current wife, Dominique Penn. Dominique had dissed Camilla as a “hood rat” and a “ho” who was just trying to get “hush money” from the NFL star. She filed for divorce from Donald in November.

Fast forward… Dominique Penn and baller Donald celebrate their baby girl birthday yesterday. Today, Camilla celebrate her baby girl birthday feud with shady captions on the gram.  Dominique Penn hopped on the gram and explains the situation.

She says, “I had two D Minnie Mouse Jacket and bows sets made for both girls. Somehow  people want to express to the media that I hate their child when that never happened. You won’t tell the real reason why my family isn’t around your child… iIhave a beautiful family and we’ve welcome the other princess with open arms…

Dominque you don’t owe social media and a damn thing!!!!!!!!!!! As long as you know your intentions are good. Phuck what other people have to say.

Dominque made more comments in the gram.

jawnthuggaI see my comment deleted oop feeling bad that ya man broke his vows

    • _shulette_Dominique please turn your comments off @dominiquepenn_ it’s getting out of hand these people are crazy!
    • dominiquepenn_@jawnthugga nah I feel bad that y’all only see the obvious that he fucked up….but y’all see the real truth sooner than later so🤷🏻‍♀️
      • dominiquepenn_@jawnthugga yep and that’s something I felt with privately and now it’s time to move on for the betterment of the children. Trust me I bought matching outfits for the girls for something we wanted to do for her with our family but somehow it got cancelled…… but let me tell your trolling ass this. I will FOREVER LOVE my husband FOREVER ….. I will NEVER HAVE ANY ILL WILL TOWARDS CHILDREN EVER…… I was raised better… I wish everyone could get out they feelings so that y’all (the public) can get some real closure on what’s going on….
      • dominiquepenn_Delt**
        • vanityshop2@missjinnjinnn People need to stop attacking @dominiquepenn_ but it became public business when she got on instagram letting everyone know about the situation.
        • jayceebybeeHow freaking cute!!!! Love love it!! ❤️❤️
        • dominiquepenn_@vanityshop2 yea I got on Instagram after she called me out on Instagram see you need to keep up! Yet the pulled my shit tryna make some shit look super salty…… go check out @2fnjuicy they seem to have some of the real tea 🤷🏻‍♀️
    •  2fnjuicy😩😩 #camillapoindexter #issa bitter #babymomma 😭😭 Why you so angry #camilla you secured the #bag right 🤔 the money is what matters most right 🤔.#swipe to see why #camilla is writing such bitter captions 😩😩 how could she forget he has a wife n children 🤷🏾‍♀️ #sidechicksbelike #whentryingtokeepamangoeswrong
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therealcamillapThis party meant so much to me. I had my 1st birthday at the same location. I could have had Dylan’s party anywhere in the world but I wanted something meaningful with people that matter most. I see this world is really full of hate when it comes to my daughter but her mother will teach her that some people are cruel and miserable and will always be. DYLAN YOUR PARTY WAS LITTY with love from the ones that matter. 😘😀😘 #CarictureDrawings#BullRide #Saloon #Western #Wild Wild West #Dylans1StRodeo#NoMoreBigPartiesUntil5

Pilar Sanders Denies Dating Odell Beckham Jr.


Pilar says she does not want to be apart of OBJ list of women he has smashed or dated…

Pilar tells Black Sports Online,

“Odell seems like a really great guy, but we are not in any type of relationship and to address the other rumors I’ve been dating him for a while, I literally just met him during the concert. None of these rumors are true.”

Allen Iverson Slapped With A Lawsuit By Man Who Claims Bodyguard Broke His Ribs.


This is a new legal battle for Allen Iverson.

According to reports, A Houston man filed a lawsuit Monday against former Sixers star Allen Iverson, alleging that the NBA Hall of Famer’s bodyguard assaulted him outside of a local strip club last April, breaking four ribs and leaving him with chronic back pain. Blackmon has accused James of throwing him outside of the club on April 6, 2016, in full view of several bouncers, and throwing him to the ground before proceeding to kick him repeatedly in the ribs. Per the lawsuit, Blackmon was diagnosed with fractures to his sixth through ninth ribs