Funk Flex Clowns Jermaine Dupri for Back Tracking on Jay-Z Claims

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It was previously reported, Funk Flex claimed Jermaine Dupri confirmed to him that Jay-Z urged him to give up the same entertainment deal Jay just accepted with the NFL.

Then…. Jermaine denied the claims in an interview with V-103. Click Here if you missed that.

Funk Flex reacts …

Well Damn. Dame Dash Speaks On Jay-Z’s NFL Deal: “It’s Common Knowledge That JAY-Z Ain’t Shit”

The music mogul told us how he really feels about the rapper’s recent involvement with the NFL.

“If you ask anyone in the industry, it’s a common knowledge that Jay ain’t sh*t,” Dash said while serving as a guest on Adam22’s podcast, No Jumper. The host asked Dame about his thoughts on the reports about the Jay-Z’s new deal and rumors that he told Jermaine Dupri to turn down an NFL deal.

“This ain’t the first betrayal Jay’s done, and I’m like, ‘Big deal, he f**ks everybody over,’ and Jermaine Dupri is stupid for listening to him,” he continues. “He’s about the bag. We all know that. He’s self-preserving. Period.”

“…Sounds like he took a job, he made an announcement, and it backfired,” he explains. “Listen… when you make an announcement about a deal, there’s specifics. This is a really vague announcement… I don’t know the deal… Jay plays like Jay, that’s what he does.”

“You fuck with that man, that’s all on you,” he continues, before getting into how this is not the first time that Jay pulled the rug from underneath people’s feet. “He didn’t betray me today… we all know he [betrayed people], y’all just wasn’t saying’ sh*t about it… I don’t care what he doing… What I am mad about is that I haven’t seen a Reasonable Doubt royalty in like 10 fking years… and I wanna know where my money’s at.”

Dupri denied the idea that JAY-Z talked him out of working with the NFL on Atlanta’s V-103, but he did admit that a conversation happened where JAY let Dupri know he had his back. 

“He and I never had a conversation where he told me don’t do what you’re doing,” he said. “What our conversation was was that, you know what side I’m on. I understand what you’re doing. That’s what the conversation was.”

Jermaine Dupri Reportedly Denies Claim Jay-Z Told Him Not to Take NFL Deal

It was previously reported, Brian Michael Cox set off a firestorm after he said on a podcast that Jay-Z advised Jermaine Dupri against working with the NFL in a deal similar to the one Jay and Roc Nation just signed.

Jermaine Dupri, while speaking to Big Tigger on Atlanta’s V-103, refuted claims that JAY-Z called him up to say that he shouldn’t work with the NFL.

“He and I never had a conversation where he told me, ‘don’t do what you’re doing.’ What our conversation was… ‘you know what side I’m on, I understand what you’re doing.’ That’s what the conversation was,” Dupri explained. Bryan-Michael Cox previously claimed that JAY hit up Dupri to advise him against partnering with the league. Funkmaster Flex also said that Dupri told him that JAY discouraged him from working with the NFL.

Don’t Believe The Hype. Jay-Z Reportedly Has No Chance of Getting His Hands on an NFL Team

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Last week it was reported, Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation had struck a controversial entertainment-and-social-justice deal with the NFL, a report suddenly emerged that he is in talks to acquire a “significant” stake in an unspecified league team.

An insider for CBS Sports quickly shut down the false reports.

Multiple people connected to NFL ownership and the league office have told CBS Sports that this TMZ-reported rumor is simply false, that there are no plans in place for the rap legend to become an NFL owner.

The report was connected to the deal Carter’s Roc Nation has to become the “live music entertainment strategist” for the NFL’s major events. There was already enough to unpack in that. How will Roc Nation impact social justice campaigns with the NFL? How will this affect artists unwilling to work with the NFL in the aftermath of Colin Kaepernick’s exit from the league? When and how will money be spent? How different will the Super Bowl halftime show look under Jay-Z’s leadership?

And unfortunately, the timing of the report, amid an already-charged atmosphere, has further complicated a murky situation which will take time to play out. Sources said it had people directly tied to the deal — within the Roc Nation team and within the NFL offices — scurrying to try to figure out who put the flawed info out there.

Was it leaked by someone with a particular agenda? Was it meant to obscure or conflate the actual intent of this arrangement?

Regardless, the deal does not include any ownership stake or parameters of a potential one. That’s not to say that Jay-Z will not at some point get a piece of a team through his work with the league and its owners, but this is nothing like the situation between him and the Brooklyn Nets, where he paid the most nominal of fees to get a portion of the team while he campaigned for their move to that borough and served a particularly public function as the face of the franchise. Carter would have to be fully vetted and approved by membership, and he would have to divest himself of his growing athlete representation empire as well.

“Those kinds of deals don’t exist in the NFL,” as one super-plugged in ownership-level source put it. “There is no ownership component to this arrangement.”

Read more Here.

Snoop Dogg Talks Death Row Stories, Jay-Z’s NFL Deal, Nipsey Hussle + More On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Snoop Dogg pulls up to The Breakfast Club to discuss the following topics: The late Nipsey Hussle’s life and how his death broke his heart, Jay-Z’s NFL deal, and more.

Watch the full interview above.

Lamar Odom, Kel Mitchell, And Ray Lewis To Compete On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 28

“Bachelorette” Hannah Brown, “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown and former NBA star Lamar Odom are among the celebrity contestants who will face off on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars”!

The full celebrity cast was revealed exclusively on “Good Morning America” Wednesday.

More stars putting on their dancing shoes this season include actor James Van Der Beek, supermodel Christie Brinkley, country superstar Lauren Alaina, former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke, former NFL star Ray Lewis, actress Kate Flannery, comedian Kel Mitchell, The Supremes music legend Mary Wilson, and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

DWTS Season 28 kicks off on Monday, Sept. 16, at 8/7c on ABC.

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