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‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 6, Episode 19


Tamar embarks on a secret spy mission to uncover her sisters’ secrets. After mounting tension, Traci & Tamar team up to plan Trina’s birthday. A family celebration takes a shocking turn when devastating news rocks the sisterhood.

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‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 6, Episode 18


Tamar’s celebratory dinner is interrupted when Toni reveals the truth about why she stormed out. Tamar reveals her mystery man. Toni is crowned a Lady. Trina meets Von’s mom but is grilled about her past.

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The Braxtons Visit ‘Steve TV’ Show

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‘The Braxtons visit ‘Steve TV’ to promote the new season of ‘Braxton Family Values’

It was previously reported, Tamar Braxton was pissed that her sister Trina and boyfriend Von Scales got engaged during Tamar’s 42nd birthday celebration.. The singer apologized. Click  Here if you missed that.

Tamar Braxton explains the reason she was in her feelings in the interview.

Tamar explains, “See here is the weekend of my actual birthday, we were going to Napa Valley. Toni wasn’t feeling her best. I was at her house. She asked me, “Tamar, Can we go celebrate your birthday the following weekend?” I said, Okay.”

Tamar continues, “So, we had a birthday dinner for the opening night of the weekend, and then it was the next weekend. And, I was a little disappointed, I ain’t get NO balloon. I’ve got a collectible cubicle card like we work at Costco’s together….”

Tamar says… “For me it’s wasn’t about my birthday, it was about family. and extending my family. And, you have a birthday every year. God willing, but you do not find true love every year, or everyday, or whatever…”

Tamar apologizes to the couple.

#Boo’D Up. Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Boo David Adefeso AKA “T’Challa” #OnTheGram

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It’s love!

Tamar Braxton finally shows off her Nigerian beau, whom she nickname T’Challa via social media.

Last night, Tamar Braxton, David Adefeso, Toni Braxton, , and Evelyn Braxton attend ‘Braxton Family Values’ new season premiere.

Watch Tamar Braxton explains the reason she kept her relationship David Adefeso on the hush, hush with ET Live.