Tameka Harris Mother Puts Tamar Braxton On Blast For Neglecting Her God Daughter Heiress Harris.

If that’s true that’s cold Tamar…

Tamar have falling out with majority of her ATL friends Toya, Monica and, Tameka. At one point Tameka and Tamar were best of friends.  Every since ‘The Real’ incident. Tamar has distance herself from the crew.

Let me say this Tameka Harris is the most loyal person ever. If Tamar is reading this life is way to short to stress over b.s. Tameka has a heart of gold. Give this friendship a second chance. Everyone is not against you.

Anyway, Tameka and Tip daughter Heiress turn 1 over the weekend..

Watch a clip from the party below…


Tameka’s mom had this to say underneath Tamar’s comment section.


Tamar Braxton Tries to Sabotage Monica Or Nah?

Word on the streets, Tamar is accused of sabotaging  Mo’s performance. Click Here if you missed that.

Shout out to Holly Gozzip for the tea!!!!

That’s according to a blind item.

From Crazy Days and Nights

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 12, 2017

Not too long ago this former talk show host/singer opened for the singer who loves underage women. It was her biggest solo exposure. Since then though, the gig has gone to someone with actual talent, albeit someone who has not had a hit in forever. Apparently our former talk show host tried to sabotage the other singer so the former talk show host could get the gig back.

Tamar Braxton/R. Kelly/Monica


It’s not a secret Mo and Tamar fell put over ‘The Real’ drama click Here to read.

In Tamar’s defense she told Mo to not take it personal..

It was just one of them days.

Tamar Braxton’s Husband Vince Herbert Slapped With A Lawsuit By Sony Music For $3 Million.

Back in November 2016, Sony Music Entertainment is suing Producer/ Reality Star/ Tamar Braxton’s hubby Vincent Herbert after being accused withholding its share of money from Interscope Records.

Here’s an update on the situation.Tamar Braxton’s husband/music exec Vince Herbert has blown off a $3.4 million dollar legal battle with Sony Music – in which he is accused of refusing to hand over millions owed to the label – and now the company has headed to court demanding he be hit with a default judgement.

Make That Money Boo! Tamar Braxton Leaves Epic Label And Signs With eONE.

About four years ago, Tamar announced she sign with Epic Label.

The youngest Braxton was originally signed to her husband Vincent Herbert’s label Streamline Records, a division of Interscope Records, in September 2012. There’s no news yet on why she made the move, but we do know her upcoming new album Love & War was due to hit stores on February 12.

Back in 2015 Tamar released her last album on the label ‘Calling All Lovers’ which did poorly due to lack of promotion. Click Here and Here if you missed that.

Today, TJB Tamar has left the album and signs a whooping $1 million deal with eONE.

Sources tell us that the singer and reality star has officially left Epic and now is signing a recording deal with eOne Music. Sources tell us that Tamar’s deal is pretty impressive.

Tamar is talented and she feels like she should be compensated appropriately. She wanted a million.

We’re told that Tamar actually got pretty close to her number,

Her deal is in the high six figures.

Go on Tamar!!!!

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Tamar Braxton Dishes on Her Son’s Playdates with Neighbors North and Saint West.

Although the Carters does not want Blue Ivy associate with the Wests. Click Here if you missed that.

Tamar tells People Mag about baby Logan play dates with  North and Saint West.

“We’re neighbors, so they play together all the time,” the singer explained about living close by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, her husband Kanye West and their two children.

“They’ll just be in the backyard. It’s not like the parents are out there all the time — it’s like a little multitude of kids who’s outside in the backyard playing on equipment and stuff,” she said.