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Put On Blast. Nas Says JAY-Z Was Aware of R. Kelly’s Pedophilia in Resurfaced Interview

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A throwback interview Nas did with Wendy Williams in 2002 has resurfaced in the wake of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly six part docuseries.

In the interview, Nas tells Wendy that he could’ve put out the R. Kelly underage video when he says everyone was making fun of it, and he went on to speak about Jay-Z working with Kelly on their The Best of Both Worlds album. Nas also said, “You can’t tell me that Jay didn’t see a 14-year-old girl come in the studio and sit on R. Kelly’s lap.” Nas ended the video by saying that he was on tour with R. Kelly for a short period and saw “a problem” with him. 


What Happened To J-Kwon After His Monster Hit “Tipsy” | #FindingJKwon

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What happens to a 17-year-old rapper who makes a monster hit like 2004’s “Tipsy?” From sleeping in a car at 12, to mooning L.A. Reid, to child support conspiracies, to random shoutouts from Kanye West, J-Kwon’s life has been a wild ride. #FindingBET#JKwon 

#ThrowBackThursday. The Good Girls ‘Your Sweetness’ (1989)

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Quick  facts about the group  The Good Girls.

The Good Girls were recording artist for Motown Records, and were groomed as a contemporary version of The Supremes with a more urban sound. The group’s debut album All for Your Love, influenced heavily by Teddy Riley’s new jack swing movement, was released 1989, producing the hit single “Your Sweetness” which peaked to #6 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Other notable singles included their cover version of “Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart,” and “I Need Your Love”. The girls also appeared on the 1990 debut single by MC Trouble entitled “(I Wanna) Make You Mine”.

Teddy Riley On History Of New Jack Swing, Truths About Bobby Brown + More On The Breakfast Club On Power 105.1

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The legendary producer and creator of the New Jack Swing sound, Teddy Riley, stopped by The Breakfast Club to rundown the history of his signature sound, producing for the greats like Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown and so much more.


Jermaine Dupri on Biggie Pulling Gun on Lil Kim and Dissing Xscape on ‘Dreams’

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Last year, Lil  Kim addressed what  Jermaine Dupri  said on the podcast click Here if you  “It’s nothing wrong with him telling the story it’s a part of history. Of course I remember that day but that’s not the first time he told that story. It happened .. I mean the story is not exactly how he said it but its very close to the truth.. We did have a very violent relationship. Like for a while it was all I attracted like guys with aggressive side…”

Fast Forward….

Jermaine Dupri detailed how he built his So So Def empire with acts like Xscape and Da Brat. He talked about the historical success both acts received and how his label helped lay the groundwork for Atlanta’s dominance in hip-hop. Later, JD gave his reaction to Biggie’s lyrics about Xscape on the infamous track “Dreams.” He also mentioned the time he witnessed BIG pull out a gun on Lil Kim, stating simply, “BIG was for real.”