‘Empire’ to End With Season 6 After Jussie Smollett Scandal

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Fox announced Monday that music drama “Empire’s” recently announced sixth season will be the show’s last. The series films in Chicago.

“We are turning the final season into a television event,” Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said. “One of the great benefits of announcing a final season announce have the fans lean in have the finale they desire.”

When pressed on whether Jussie Smollett would be returning for the show’s final season, Collier said, “At this point, we have no plans for that.” But Collier also noted that “the writers room for next season hasn’t even gathered yet.”

During the fifth season, Smollett claimed that he was the victim of an assault which he said was racially and politically motivated, as well as homophobic. Later he was accused of hiring the men who attacked him and indicted for filing false statements. The criminal charges were dropped in March, and Smollett has maintained his innocence, but the city of Chicago also filed a lawsuit against the actor in order to recoup the cost of the police investigation. As a result of the controversy surrounding the investigation, Smollett was written out of the final two episodes of Season 5.

It was previously reported, The network canceled Lee Daniels’ Star’ click Here if you missed that.

Tisha Campbell-Martin Says People Thought She Was “Cheating On Martin” On THE DL HUGHLEY SHOW

Tisha Campbell made an guest appearance on ‘The DL Hughley Show’.

When Tisha Campbell-Martin starred as Gina on ‘Martin’ their chemistry was so great people assumed that they had to be dating. To this day there are people who assume that the two are married. But, Tisha says they never even dated. The assumptions were so bad that if she were out with her now ex-husband Duane Martin people pointed and stared like she was cheating on Marin Lawrence.

Tisha confirms they’re working on bringing a ‘Martin’ reboot to television soon. Stay tuned!

Watch the clip above.

Watch the full episode HERE.

Will Smith Was Worried About a ‘PR Nightmare’ When He Loaned $1.4 Million to Friend Duane Martin

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Earlier this year it was reported, Will Smith has turned over financial records and personal email communications between him and his friend, Duane Martin, after he was hit with a subpoena for the information.

The trustee presiding over Martin’s bankruptcy filed an amended lawsuit against the actor in which he reveals Will Smith and his companies have turned over financial records and emails between Will and Duane.

The trustee explains that Smith has turned over email chains between Smith, his rep, and Martin from 2018, where they discussed the $1.4 million loan that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith provided Duane several years ago to purchase the home in question. Click here if you missed that.

Fast Forward…

According to newly unsealed court documents obtained by The Blast, the actor and his team feared if they loaned the $1.4 million to Duane as he requested, it could turn into a “PR nightmare” for Will, specifically if anyone found out he was associated with such a transaction.

The emails are from 2012, when Duane needed the money to save his L.A. home, and asked his good friend Will for a loan. At one point, Will discussed buying Duane a home and letting him live rent free for a bit.

Will got his team involved in trying to put a $1.4 million loan together but unsealed court documents reveal it was “chaotic.” Duane pressured his friend for the loan and even had to be warned by Will’s team that while Will wanted to help, he didn’t want to put himself in any unnecessary risk.

‘Empire’ Season 5, Episode 12

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Shift and Save Yourself

Cookie’s future place in the family business is threatened by a game-changing career offer; Jamal is determined to ensure Tiana and Treasure’s track is successful; Lucious, Cookie and Giselle contemplate the future of Empire’s artists.

Click Here, Here, or Here to watch

Duane Martin Reportedly Accuses Estranged Wife Tisha Campbell-Martin of Fabricating Abuse Allegations

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Earlier this year, Tisha Campbell  requested that her restraining order against Duane be dropped.

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Fast Forward…

Duane Martin is accusing his estranged wife Tisha Campbell-Martin of fabricating abuse allegations to get custody of their kids.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Duane filed a declaration as part of his bankruptcy case, in which he is denying allegations he hid a $2 million home in Chatsworth, California from creditors as part of his bankruptcy.

In his declaration, Duane accuses Tisha and her brother having “manufactured a false claim of alleged domestic violence against the Co-Debtor which they filed with the police. Even Co-Debtor’s family law attorney would not sign his name on such a claim. The police saw the claim for what it was and did not pursue it.”

He adds, “Additional falsehoods were presented to the Family Law court in order for the Co-Debtor to obtain custody of their children. When it was clear that these falsehoods were not going to work, they were dropped and custody was awarded 50-50 to both parents.

Bag Secured. Tisha Campbell-Martin Cast in Fox Comedy Pilot ‘Geniuses’

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Tisha Campbell-Martin has been cast in the Fox multi-camera comedy pilot “Geniuses”, Fox’s multi-camera blue-collar family comedy pilot from LA to Vegas creator/executive producer Lon Zimmet.

According to reports, Tisha Campbell-Martin will play Rita, a mother of three who works as a casino pit boss and is Cay’s (Maggie Lawson) closest friend at work.

“Geniuses” is described as family comedy about a blue-collar couple, Cay and Mike (Jason Biggs), in South Jersey trying to get by and raise four kids, three of whom just happen to be certified geniuses. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” producer Lon Zimmet will write and executive produce the pilot, with Jonathan Judge in place to direct.

Cay is the mom and clear boss of the family, who also works as a pit boss at an Atlantic City casino. She has a strong intuition and a nose for BS, while Mike is an affable, enthusiastic dad.

Campbell-Martin, who is repped by TCA Mgmt, is best known for playing characters who provide the voice of reason in sitcoms like “Martin” on Fox, and “My Wife and Kids” on ABC. More recently, she appeared in the 2018 movie “Blindspotting,” and in a few episodes of “Empire.”

“Geniuses” is one of six comedies in the works at Fox for the 2019-2020 season.

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